Monday, May 30, 2011

Freedom at last!!!

Hey all!!!!!! You don’t know how happy I am right now…well some of you might know but I am still gonna say it to the whole wide world that my exams are so totally freaking over!!!! My month-long absence has been due to studying cuz I really didn't want to fail anything. I believe most of my audience are students, so you can understand the pain that I went through……that is, if I still have an audience after being gone for so long…just kidding ; ) I missed you guys and your lovely blogs a lot…I swear I use to dream about visiting blogs and commenting on them……nah I am not ready to go to a mental asylum that soon……its just my crazy love for blogging J
As my exams are over, I feel kinda raw, going over every detail of what I could have done differently, every answer that I have written, my handwriting(gosh…it had turned so bad lately especially when I am writing in my exams) Some results have come in and some are pending. Recently I have been thinking that in the good old days, passing the exams was more important but in today’s rat race, the percentage on your scorecard is crucial. Of course since exams are over quite some time ago, you secretly know what is your fate, don’t you? Yet hope keeps the world alive and so you do hope to get ‘good’ marks. As a result, you pray frantically for good results. Some get down to bribing God while others revisit their question papers to calculate how much more they can hope to get. The home scenario in most houses is more like circus time with a few ‘concerned’ relatives making calls to ask about your results. Their motto is simple – if you have done badly then to feel sorry for you and strangely if you have done very well, then they could pass on your notes to someone next in line.
It is also unofficially ‘blackmail your parents’ time. Or rather ask for barters with parents saying that “If you score a 100% then you get…blah blah blah Amazing how marks suddenly have bargaining power, virtually like being in a fish market and bargaining for cheaper fresher fish! At the end of the day results come, some (parents and students) cry, some laugh. In a few days it is time for the next academic year and these results are soon forgotten. Why then do we torture ourselves so much over a list of scores? Any idea?

Now as the exams are over, I am not at all planning to sleep forever, sitting on potato couches, staring emotionally outside, having weird fantasies etc..nah…it’s just not me. I have planned quiet a lot of things cuz there is just so much stuff piled up already… I know it makes the holidays shorter & shorter & shorter but anyways I will still try to make the most of it J  


  1. welcome back kiran!
    n wel its pretty different at our end cos in my area of study it stil is all abt pass or fail n dat kida mks d biggest differenc :o
    all d same...happy hols, n hope to c more crackin stuf frm ur end

  2. kiran..i m following u the way which class r u in dear??

  3. welcome back my dear..well i hope you will have awesome result InshaAllah
    exam period is always boring,yap..well from this 6th of June I am going to this dilemma of exams..ufff..pray for me dear :)

  4. Welcome back..! Hope your results come out great.
    Hahaha,this bargaining thing with parents is quite relate-able .
    I do this every year.Like Hey Dad if I get 90+ this time what will I get ?
    Dad:- Laptop.
    And if I get 85+ ?
    Dad:- (*****)Cash.
    and Each year I get the cash.No laptop yet.:P

    Hope you have the fantastic-ist hols ever !

  5. it always a nice feeling after exams
    feeled relieved
    so now you will be regular on blog
    hoping to see some interesting post from you

  6. @Sadiya Merchant: thx and u are lucky that at yr end..pass or fail is still "IN" :)

    @Catgirl:thx for following :)i am in 3rd year of uni :)

    @Creative mind:thsx fr yr wishes..they are much needed. i really really pray that u pass through ths evil of exams with a happy face and acquire awesomest marks :)

    @Hamza bin laden:thx and i hope that before u turn sweet 18..u get yr lappy top :)

    @Chirag: thank you :)yup finally i can breath,sleep n blog :)

  7. You can understand the level of joy you might be experiencing better than me. Even, I had to go in exile for three long weeks away from our beautiful blogoshpere. Nice read :)

  8. Congratulations & Celebrations na na na na lolzz

  9. @Sana Castellano: thx n welcome to my blog :)

    @Felicity,Rachit,Shoaib Ishrat: thx guys :)

  10. hey good luck for your pending results...

    Bribing God..LOL been there done that...

  11. @Nirmal: thx for the visit :) yup every student must have been through the "bribing God part" in their student life :)