Friday, May 6, 2011

Two words: Exam Sucksssssssssss


Yeeeeyyyyyeeeee I am alive!!!!!!!!! Hy my bloggers buddies I am back……. but just for this post : ( Really sorry for my absence. My exams are on their way……yea they finally arrived!!!!! And I am as busy as a bee….probably more busier then her.
"Examination! The very word makes me cringe. It is probably my deadliest foe…..sorry to my other foes. I know you guys are equally venomous but nobody can beat the horror of EXAMINATION!!!!!  If power should fall into my hand, I would banish it from the face of the earth. Exams do bring a lot of other things with it as well. For instance,
The unsettled feeling it brings when you feel that you have not studied enough….which is true most of the time
Eat, Sleep and TV deprivation
Brain that becomes saturated and brain cells come close to dying state without any chance of regeneration
Ugly pimples that seemed to have an implanted compass in them hence they can always navigate their way to the cheeks, beside the mouth, foreheads and nose and not to forget the dark circles under the poor stressed out eyes.

Feeling as though you are cut off from the civilization
Lack of time to blog…..ahhh it sucks
But strangely there is one thing that I like about the exams……. The holidays are just right after them…..*phew*
So to cut the story short……. I won’t be able to log in to blogger more often till my exams are over *sob*  *sob* Your prayers and sympathies are much needed right now. Wish me luck…..Meet you soon bloggers J  
Adios Amigos  J  



  2. good luck! m soakin in dem too! :-((((((((

  3. Best Of Luck too in the same calamity :(

  4. awww.. poor you! =o but what can one do.. exams happen! all the best =]

  5. I never get vacations after my exams. NEVER.
    Life is so unfair.

  6. @All: thx guys for yr kind words : )

  7. wish you lots n lots of gooooooooooooooooooooood luck..all the best honey :)

  8. Pimples? I can relate.


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    n besttt of luck for ur exams...mwaaah