Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid greeting n me tagged again

Wishing you all a Gulab Jamun Eid (ps: I don’t eat sheer korma….STRANGE BUT TRUE

Areesha Bilal who just got 6A* & 2A’s has tagged me….yeyyyyy J Don’t forget to check out her blog cuz she is one talented young lady.

This is my second tag after one in April. Woooshhh!! long time…no tag…so sad!!!!

In this I had to go through my iPod and list my fav songs from each alphabet.  Ok so first thing first… I didn’t got my hands on an iPod yet *sulking*. I did borrowed my cousin’s once but had to return it back *more sulking* Ahhh don’t need to fill my comment box with pities……I am gonna get one real soon (next month to be precise…being a daddy’s girl has its advantages). For now on, I own an MP3 and MP4. This tag was a lil bit difficult cuz I have like a million… no trillion…..ah I guess gazillion songs on my system and half of them are on my MP3 and 4 (ps: do the math yourself plz… I neva got good grades in it) So if at this moment I start listening to the songs alphabetically……gosh I am gonna die n the songs won’t stop playing….there are just soooo many of them.

Yup people…meet the self-acclaimed Music Freak (a v cute one though!!!)

To cut it short, it was hard to go through my whole music library or my playlist (I have 12 of them…just letting u know) so I am gonna list the songs I am banging my head to (b4 Ramadan…..just clarifying) Plus all of them aren’t my top favs, still I don’t know why I kept listening them these days *rolling eyes*


If you are planning to revamp your playlist..stop reading this post immediately cuz the songs coming up aren’t latest…some of them even dates back to the 90s

Here goes…..

A=Aaja ve mahiya (infidel mix) by Imran Khan

B=Bachana by Bilal Khan, Beautiful by Eminem, Bonamana by Super Junior

C=Crank by Soulja boy

D=Dynamite by Taio and  Dil pareshan hai from Bol(movie)

E= Escape by Enrique

F=Fireflies by Owl City

G=Grenade by Bruno mars

H=Hail Mary by tupac

I=I made it by Kevin Rudolf feat Lil Wayne

J= Jump by Simple Plan

K=Kabhi by Josh, Kiss me thru the phone by Soulja Boy

L=Lithium by Evanescence

M=Miss me & In it for the love by Mohombi

N=Nice guys finish last by Ryan Higa aka Nigahiga

O= Off the wall by MJ

P=Potential Breakup by Aly and AJ

Q=Qarar by Cheapmunks

R=Ridin solo by Jason Derulo, Roti kapra makaan by OMI, Replay by IYAZ

S=Slip and fall by Lomaticc

T=Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

U= Utopia by Within Temptation

V= Vampire by Xandria

W=Walou by Outlandish

X= XoXoXo by Black eyed peas

Y=Yamla pagla deewana by Noman Javaid

Z= Zombie by Natalia Kills

*huff* done

Still here???? No  Eidi coming from my side!!!!!! go eat your sheer korma J



  1. Thank you for the tag! =D =D Simple Plan <3 I still need to put the Within Temptation discography in my iPod =( I'll definitely listen to Utopia =)

  2. I like your choice. I used to listen to all of them a couple of years back and these days i sing them :p


    Hahaha, my little sister is so annoyed with this because Daddy dearest never says no to me :p

    O BHAI. Ap bari hein. Eidi nikaalien.

  3. beautiful by eminem, grenade by bruno mars, replay by iyaz, dynamite,fireflies,roti kapramakan,
    these r my all time favorites,
    gosh, man punch me, she tagged me too but still i haven't posted up.....

  4. Eid mubarak to you too. Advance congratz for new ipod :).

  5. @Areesha: utopia is such a cool song:)

    @Me: My lil sis is the real daddy's girl, she always gets what she wants. kahan sy dun eidi yar :( unemployed jo hun plus inflation..ufff what do i do

    @ Ateeq: just punched your pic:)zyada dard tu nai hoa!!!!

    @Ovais: yup eidi rocks :)

    @M.Usman Chaudhry: thx for visiting my blog n leaving yr sweet comment :)

    Did U enjoy finger licking delicious foods and cakes on the eid day?

  7. @Tariq: Eid mubrak :) yup i did and the best part is that i never gain weight:)

  8. Eid Mubarik to you too, doll!
    I love the playlist. So fresh and lively. Made me wanna download more songs in my iPod. :D

  9. And mutual feelings on the sheer khurma part =P. I hate raisins and milk xD

  10. Damn - I love Litlium by Evanescence.
    It is just amazing.

    Listen to "No Reply" By The Beatles - It is awesome.

    oh and Eid Mubarak.

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  12. yes areesha is such a talented young lady..congrats to her for her achievment..i think i have seen her picture with her grades in some newspaper :)
    no eidi from you?i read the whole post of yours hoping... :P
    gulab jamun are so tasty...
    Eid mubarak to you :)
    and maybe i am living in another world... :P i could only recognize Escape by Enrique :) but hey i dont have an iPod so no problem :)