Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aint back with a bang......

As soon as I handed over my examination sheet to my teacher, I yelled out-loud “Blogggg”….in my head off course. I can’t yell out that loud unless I want to get suspended or desperate for a detention.

My examination was suppose to start from 12th of September but destiny had something else stored for me as the rain almost flooded our beloved Karachi and nobody could get to their desired destinations unless they own a sail boat. What’s funny is that I always imagined myself cruising through the famous Milan canals…ah…sweet fantasies….Okay getting back to the rainy weather scene, the problem faced was that I didn’t knew  whether my university will open the next day or not. Every morning I use to wake up, switch on the TV and look out from my window and make plans that how can I possibly reach my university??????  I made some really cool plans though like try to make a boat myself, swim my way to university,  drinking buckets full of  Red bull as it gives you wings…sadly I didn’t get to apply any of this as finally, THE RAIN STOPPED and  I gave my first paper on 15th September  and it went on till 22nd September.

Still the question remains…what have I been doing since then????  Life is been a really cruel cruel cruel witch to me this year as I have a lot to do and so lil time. Had loads of assignments and much more of them are to be expected in the coming days plus a magazine to publish which is NOT AT ALL an easy job. Really guys, the next time you see a magazine and call it trash…..don’t do it!!! cuz man it’s a tough job to publish it even if it looks worse then trash. Seriously, the content, layout, pictures, page making, editing, proof-reading, printing…..phew….a lotttttttttttt of work and then you really want it to look good by the end of day. It’s hard to create a drop dead gorgeous magazine but Newton tried more than a 1000 times…..well not for a mag but he still serves as an inspiration that hard work does pay off.

I have missed you guys and your blogs a lot…. It’s really hard actually to not being able to blog cuz of the work load…..damn life. Frankly I never ever thought that blogging could become such a HUGE part of my life someday…..all my blogger friends are like people to whom I can pour my heart out. It’s really hard sometimes to say things to your real life friend but somehow strangely it seems so easy to write about it and wait for your response. So as the title suggests, I may not be able to comment on all of your blogs so really sorry about that but trust me I will surely make it a point to read and comment as much as I can. XoXoXo