Monday, April 22, 2013

Missing your presence

I felt your presence again Dad and thought that nothing ever happened. We still are this happy family of five and you are here with us. Everything is the same and I am here waiting for you to return from your job. I could then just talk and talk telling you all about what's happening in my life, discussing the most stupidest things ever with you and you, despite of being tired and sleepy would listen to it all. Times when you would just peek into my room watching me study the night for exams...telling me to sleep and putting your hand over my head.... I could still feel the touch. I could still feel you patting my back or even rubbing my feet while smiling and saying, "You should eat well...see how weak you are getting." Convincing me repeatedly that "My daughter is a strong lady, don’t you ever worry I am here with you. Come to me if you have any problem." Where are you now Dad?? I have a problem now and you aint here. I have exams now and you aint here to peek into my room and tell me it’s late....I should sleep. Mom is trying her best but she misses you so bad too. Today also, just like every night, I am missing you and missing your kind presence. Stay well up there 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your voice is my drug

And I heard that voice, that same deep and gravelly voice pulling me through. A voice that echoes whenever I read those words. A voice creeping inside of my soul, making it’s presence known in my head while telling me,

"Life is beautiful"

The tingles that I get while listening to it as if no one can harm me now; like being under an invisible cloak. That mere voice of compassion with it's exhilarating ripple makes my day, makes me smile, makes me want to live a whole lot years and makes me fall in love with it all over again.