Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee

Well people, it’s here. Today is my birthday…taadaaa!!!! Considering the overwhelming amount of birthday wishes I have received, my guess is that’s not too much of a surprise for most people.
How’d it get here so fast? I remember my previous birthday like it was this morning. So yesterday I stayed up until 2:30 and then suddenly it hit me that I am officially out of my 20s!!!!! and I wanted to cry for like three seconds and then I would be over it but nothing of that sort happened…. (ps: I mentioned this fact for all those people who still call me a cry baby..see I didn’t cry) In the past years I have kinda downplayed my birthday. In general, I would rather celebrate someone else's special day than my own. But the past few months have been pretty exciting---definitely worth tooting my horn about! So today I'll be doing a bit of work but then I will be getting cake faced.
Couple of day’s back I was reading a manifesto. I find it very interesting so why not do one of my own on my birthday? Here goes..

I will live my life and make decisions with purpose and intention.
I will do what makes me happy, even if it doesn’t pay off right away now. I know it will.
While I know my small circle of friends is more than sufficient, there’s nothing wrong with being “sociable” outside of that circle.
I will work harder to reciprocate the love and care shown to me for my family and friends.
Time is nothing to play with. Use it strategically and to your best advantage.
Reading is what’s up. And of course, writing is too.
I will take better care of myself physically. I’ve made it to 21 without having to take hypertension meds. That’s a miracle.
God loves me, so I will let my light shine, so others can see He loves them too. (Yes, I went old school.)
I write not only for myself but for all the other people out there. I want them to know that they are not alone… that I felt whatever it is that they are feeling. And when I look back and read, I will smile and laugh at myself for once in my life, I was this immature person, ranting, hoping and looking forward for her future.

Yea how can I forget my list of Thankyouzzzzzz

♥…I believe in the Almighty Allah, that even though I cannot see Him, I know He’s with me. That even though my life’s a mess right now, He will be with me sweeping around the dusts and making it all clean and polished. Thank you Lord.
♥…Thank you Mumma and Papa for having me. I know that I am not the perfect daughter…with my usual mood swings and always tangled in troubles phenomenon but you guys have always stood by me. Love you. And to my sweet siblings (especially the youngest one) just for this once..stop irritating me….but still I love youuuuu.
♥…I’m happy, not with my life, but with living… because I am surrounded with wonderful, sweet people whom I call family and  friends who made me believe that there really is this something called “magic” and that happy endings really do happen in real life.
... The unexpected pleasure of blogging is making new friends. Thank you my bloggers friends for following me and giving me constant support by their lovely comments.
OMG!!! Just realized that this post is getting a bit boring so I will wrap it up. Happy Birthday to all the other people who are were born on this day…….this wish goes out to the dead as well like Anne Frank (and u thought we hate Jews……rubbish)
Now let me get my birthday dance on…. J


  1. "I will live my life and make decisions with purpose and intention. " Yep! That would be the BEST one.

    Happy happy birthday!!! :)

  2. happy b'day to u
    many many happy returns of the day

  3. It'your Birthday and I can't be there But I'll send you a special birthhday wish and a little prayer Have a happy Birthday I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true may you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do...:)

  4. happpy bday... where's d party tonight ? :) njoy :)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday
    Happy Happy Birthday

    May You Have Many More..Lots n lots of Love & best wishes
    ~ Khadija Kiran ^(^

  6. Happy belated birthday! I love the happy birthday sign at the side of your blog. :P That's nice how you made a list of things you're thankful about; most people just skip to the cake. ;P

  7. Happy belated birthday Kiran.... love u janam :-)))

  8. @ All: Thank you shoooooo much guys n girls. I ma really overwhelmed. Thx you fr making my bday more special :)

  9. How could I have missed this blog! Its incredible. Happy birthday dear ..

    fun fun fun
    Only karachi

  10. Happy Birthday Gemini Princess..Sorry i am late because i had too much work to wrap up in these vacations Happy Birthday ,may you have a great time ahead =)

  11. happy birthday many mnay happy returns of the day
    May GOd bless u :)

  12. @Imon, Tehreem, Anum: awww thxew sweetos :)