Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Daastan of Team Technocrats

Spirit animals beautifully drawn by Romessa Ahmad

My Dad was my first storyteller. I am told by my parents that I was never tired of listening to stories. One story after another, Dad use to make a new one just to bring a smile on my face. Being born a night owl, my favorite past time was to not let my parents sleep. Still they are kind enough to say that I was a nice baby *grins*

Seeing my interest develop, my parents bought me books and I am so thankful to them for introducing reading into my life. I remember writing stories and Essays and never let anyone read them. My very own small cupboard aka mini library used to be my safe heaven. Later in life, I wrote and submitted my work to publications. I can never describe the joy I felt when someone considered appreciating or critiquing my work....I was happy that they found time to read me. 
One thing led to another and then I got my first online magazine published named Identity Magazine. It was a joint venture of me and two best buddies. It was a thrill you know to have our very own magazine on the internet. Crazy it was back then. We were a team of three managing the Editing, Proof-reading, Content, Page making, Marketing etc. with no whatsoever help. Stuck in such a state can help you push your limits and achieve greatness. The mag ran for a year and mind you, we were students at that time managing our assignments and grades along with the mag.  But then life happened, everybody went their separate ways.  I had my home to look after too and my job took a toll over me. Every now and then I use to look at a magazine and would think I would write for it but the day never came. Such a bookworm like me was left with no time to read a book. The pain is excruciating tbh.

A month back I saw a Facebook post of Daastan offering their first ever Literary Fellowship. This was it!! My very own chance to Write again. *Insert halo music* My mom went crazy though when I told her of this. An already tough schedule and then this. I was so close to being grounded (for the non-desi people out there, us desis are eligible to get grounded at any age) For all those unaware, Daastan is an award winning First Self-publishing Platform and literary forum working to revamp writing industry in Pakistan. If you have a manuscript, do hit them up.

Coming back to the topic, a whole bunch of talent participated in the Fellowship. It literally hit me by surprise that I got selected. Still thankful to the jury for giving me this opportunity despite of my persevering schedule. The Fellowship has kick started and I am having the time of my life. Surrounded by such supportive and proficient writers and poets is just euphoric. We are further divided into teams and the one I belong to is among the coolest. Go Technocrats!!! Starting from our Captain Sidra Amin, to MahnoorNaseer, Samee Ghazaal and Romessa Ahmad, all are bundled with flair. Through their words, they have the ability to see through the human experience and express it in a way like no other. This dream team has inspiring stories to tell with powerful writing that jolts and challenges. Even break through prejudices and assumptions.

I seriously am going through an emotional roller-coaster right now and just too busy with my job but still I prepared myself and picked up this challenge. And I feel great!! Every time I read you guys or we are giving a prompt to write, submissions to do, despite of all my chaotic schedule…the words soothe me. I am not seeing myself finishing this Fellowship with too many submission but I love reading you all. I thank you all for inspiring me to be a better writer. I mean I am an ordinary one compared to you guys who have this magical way with words at such tender age. Literary Friends for Life!! Muah <3

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Would you wake up to a new Zodiac sign?

My colleague today excitedly informed me that she is no more a Sagittarius because she now is something she can’t even pronounce properly, Yes folks! She believed she is an ‘Ophiuchus’ pronounced in plain English as oh-FEW-kuss. Although I really hate the indecisive trait of my zodiac, I still love being the sweet and sour Twin Gemini *sniff* *sniff*.

I was busy doing an important task but the cruel Ohhpeehiuu… damn I should just copy paste it here.  So as I was saying the cruel Ophiuchus (thank you copy paste) got me thinking…made me sad actually.

I missed all the time of belonging to a schizophrenic zodiac, being more like a paranoid Aquarius tbh. How I so enthusiastically would start a task consistently flitting from one thought to another idea and coming up with nothing at the end. Oh my lovely Ex-Planet of childhood and youth!! I miss you Mercury *weeps*. Gosh!  I so solemnly believed that incase of a nuclear war, only cockroaches and Gemini would find a way to survive because things around us never stay dull…. Yes, the very picture of a girl on the chair screaming her head off seeing a small, frail, easily exterminated cockroach counts in ‘Never a dull moment’  And that girl btw is not me.

Point being, all the above said was all going on inside my brain but what came out of my mouth was “Lets Google it!” So I did (colleague is not a fan of googling)

Story is that NASA posted an article about astrology informing that there are originally 13 signs in the zodiac. I searched much and got to know that Ophiuchus has nothing to do with Astrology. It has to do with the stars because it's not a sign, it's a constellation. But there are sites claiming it’s a legit 13th zodiac sign. Interesting thing is that Ophiuchus was discovered in 2011 but then in 2016 some weirdo decided to make a news out of it and posted it on the Facebook and the FB maniacs without any prior research spread this news like wildfire.

The whole mythology associated to it is cool though. Ophiuchus is identified with the healer Asclepius, the son of Apollo, who was able to bring the dead back to life. Realizing his power, Hades convinced Zeus to kill Asclepius with a lightning bolt and then he was placed into the stars as a constellation after his death.

Zeus I think is the dumbest God of all. If I had to create a theory of my own, I would say that maybe Anti-Christ is about to be born and all the current signs are not too cool for him and he was like “I need something to suit my swag” hence came Ophiuchus, The Serpent Holder. Plus, the picture associated with it shows a muscular man holding a snake. It is said that Ant-Christ would get the attention of the world so he must be good looking too to make the task easier.

I am having weird ideas. I better stop eating this chocolate….I feel drugged!! So point being, if the Ophiuchus thing is true then I am a Taurus. But as per my research it’s all crap so I get to be the same intelligently stupid twin: D