Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warning!!!! frustration ahed!!!

Frustration phenomenon is really a frustrating thing to experience. Sometimes you just feel like probably killing yourself, to run away from all that is happening or to just move out and breathe but I guess not all of it is possible. You know, the funny thing is that frustration kind of unites us all as well so today irrespective of our nationality, caste ,creed, status etc we are all standing on the same platform because we all are frustrated on something : )
So, why is this all happening?? The answer varies from person to person. In my view, we are always told to develop a compromising attitude towards life…… but why??? Why do we always have to say YES to whatever life throws at us???? Why can’t we just refuse to accept it, say NO and work on our own terms???  Is it because we are simply afraid to try new things or is it mere laziness? Whatever it is, it does contribute in increasing the number of unproductive people in the world :) 
I hate it when people say that “I am in bad condition because it was written in my fate”. But nobody question’s fate. Why?? Because we believe that fate is written by God and if we speak against it we are probably defying God?? But my question is, How can God write that you are going to suffer all your life and face a tragic death as well??? I mean C’mon guys God is not cruel. He loves all His beings so he can’t write a tragic fate for any of us. Yes I agree that fate do have an impact on life but God Himself said
“Your hard work and prayers can even change your fate”
All in all what you do is what you get so, rise and do something productive rather than sitting and blabbering all day about how bad your fate is. Have a nice day :)


  1. ahan!! very nice and interesting post it seems that you've just thrown out your frustration in a poor post :P keep it up!

  2. The caption attarcted me and was a interesting and thoughtful reading thereafter.