Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dedicated to Ash

Ash-the balancer because she is a great combo of practicality+goofiness. Found her for the first time just below the stairs outside the office of Vice Chancellor…..that was probably the only good thing that happened outside the VC office. What can I say about her?? Tall, smart and intelligent with beautiful long hair :) and a proud owner of kitty cats, Diean Cathy, sharmeela Chotu and shararti JoJo.
It was not easy to judge her in the first meeting because when she is silent, one can feel an impression of practicality but when she is in the fun mood, u get to meet the kid living inside her. Even now, remembering  the time when I met her for the first time and immediately asked for her contact number…oh god…I made a fool of myself… but the good thing was that she didn’t even resisted and was even quicker in giving her number : )
 I was going through a hard time and some issues were around. She was the person who contributed in solving the issue by leaking out some valuable info and that made her an immediate favorite in our eyes and the rest is history. She has many admirable qualities but my personal favorite is the “forgetting” one (ps: no she doesn’t have a weak memory) By forgetting I mean she has a very good habit of moving on with life. No matter how bad the situation might be, the next day she is all okay….no regrets…no complains. According to her, it’s useless to keep on thinking about stuff that didn’t ended well instead we should press delete and move on with life. And the really wow factor is that being bred and born in Karachi, she even sleeps early at night….strange han….she’s really an exception.
Together we have made some wacko innovative plans like opening a channel, staring a business etc and if none of it worked out, we are going to go straight to Hyderabad Mental ward(ps: if we keep on getting 10 assignments in a month we will surely reach that stage very soon). Plus she also has a plan to make a thesis on the weird human beings she found in the university namely……..ahem…… I will send u all a copy of the thesis….that would be better : )
For me, the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart so although both I and Ash have our own share of ideas and views, we still have an easy awesome conversation.
So much to talk about and so little time. Today is her birthday and sadly her tummy is not feeling well but still birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake so don’t let your tummy win….blow the candles and finish that cake of yours :) In the near future, we all are going to take different paths in life but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere and you have definitely left footprints in my heart.
“Suno Ayesha….. Tumsa na hoga koi”
Have a get well soon Birthday


  1. Happy bday to your friend. :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet post:)

  3. its lovely...THE BEST POST EVER...i heard this song first time...A very very happy birthday to Aisha..she is really very lucky that she has a wonderful friend like you Kiran..God bless you both =) and VC office must be a memorable place for you :)

  4. @ All: thx a lot guys am really overwhelmed : )

  5. thnx rachit and thnx tehreem, i really like your comment. and thnx alot kiran 4 this beautiful post and outstanding song:)

  6. @ Ayesha: the pleasure is all mine : )

  7. Ahan lucky friend..and Like the song aisha..:)