Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crying for Help......anybody listening???

“Main apko ghar laykar aonge baba….main sark par bheek mang loon gee…hum apko ghar lykar ayngy” (I will bring you back home Dad, I will even beg to bring you back home soon)

The painful cries of Captain Wasi’s innocent daughter Laila are echoing on the media channels but despite much hue and cry by the aggrieved families, the government has failed to do much other than lip service to secure the release of Pakistanis kidnapped by Somali pirates.
The captain along with three other Pakistanis is being held hostage by the Somali pirates since August 8 last year. From there on, the Somali pirates have threatened to kill the Pakistani hostages if $20 million in ransom is not paid to them but recently they have reduced their demand to $2.0 million. $1.5 million have already been arranged by the shipping company and international NGOs but still there’s a huge difference left.
Now what is our government doing……think…..think…….as a matter of fact there is actually nothing to think about because the government as usual is doing NOTHING AT ALL!!!
It is repeatedly being said that the government is in touch with the hostages’ families and doing everything for their release. But the families are claiming that they have not yet received any help from the government. So now seeing the “positive” response of the government, the families of the abductees have started a fund raising campaign on their own. It is so heart-breaking to see that wives and young kids of the abductees are ready to even beg and sell their kidneys for god sake to gather the required money!!! Remember the angelic Raymond Davis??? No???....let me remind you…He came, He shot, He returned….Rings a bell???. Our own government has paid huge, by huge I mean HUUUGGGEEE amount of blood money to the victims’ families so that they may forgive poor Davis darling for murdering their loved ones. Voila… their wish came true….Davis returned back to home sweet home and will live happily ever after. Our government tried each and everything possible to release him as soon as possible but what happened now??? Have they gone blind as they can’t see the hopeless faces of the abductee’s families??? Have they gone deaf as they can’t hear the tragic cries????But they are certainly not dumb as we keep on hearing that “Government is doing efforts and the nation will witness positive results” huh….bad joke….worse than a bad joke actually.

Innocent Laila questioned Interior minister Rehman Malik that what he would do if his own son would have been kidnapped???..... She still didn’t receive any reply from the great Rehman Malik who has a habit of blaming everything on “Foreign Hands”….But what now??? No foreign hand or Taliban are involved in it Mr. Malik??? Nobody to blame except you and the other tin heads who are involved in state politics.
The Final dead line is just 11 days away to set release the four abducted Pakistanis or the Somalis will god-forbade kill them. It is high time guys because they desperately need your prayers and your support so I request everybody (excluding selfish politicians) especially the Pakistanis all around the world to help the families and spread this message as much as possible. The account information is below:
Account No: 1066-0081-009278-01-9
Bank AL Habib Ltd

 I am doing my bit and I am sure that you will do yours too


  1. There is no ransom to be paid here. Pakistan should send a warship like other nations do and forcibly free the captain.Of course this is no consolation for the family, my thoughts are with you.

  2. @Shoaib Ishrat: its easy for us to say cuz our family is safe n sound but for the abductees families, its hell on earth right now. u are right about the warship but do u think its gonna happen? the govt has money n they are doing nothing so do u think that they are rational enough to send a warship...not happening. Its not just our ppl, other nationals are also stuck there and their govts are gathering the money.govt isnt gonna do anything so we cant just let our ppl die like this.

  3. god help them and also the pak govt should take action on this quickly

  4. Forget the government. All you can do is by yourself only. I heard the ransom was pretty huge. Not 2 millions. But then again, I don't follow the news that often these days.

  5. I saw the clip on tv the other day. It's quite saddening.

  6. something similar happened in India and here the government refused to surrendered to the demands of the kidnappers.

  7. you've covered the issue very well. Last week I was watching news abt the families of Air Blur plan crash. Regretful, they all were saying, they didn't get the blood money of their loved ones, Gov promised them to give. Now a year is pass no progress and same situation is with Captain Wasi.
    so no hope of help from Gov side!

  8. well the same thing happened in India.The govt wont do anything until last....they should understand that there is no one to help the poor innocent kid and the captains family...well how could they even think of betraying its own citizen...sometimes it makes me thinks that the govt in all nations are similar...even there are few Indians captivated by the Somalian pirates...This is bad and not good..I'm proud of you that u thought of writing about this issue...kind of your gesture..

    Its highly appreciated.. :)

  9. @Chirag: this is the main concern that the govt is acting as a lazy ass, doing nothing just talking and talking. yea god bless the families.

    @AcetylCholine:yup the ransom money is huge but the families arent wealthy enough to pay that much ransom.

    @Cardinal ruby: yea especailly to see the kids cry ...its so heart-breaking.

    @Rachit: our govt did the same but it isnt gonna work. We know that the warship idea is not working so why let our ppl die like this.

    @Noor: yea the air blue crash is another example of govt "honesty" towards us. they dont give a damn about the dead then they wouldnt have any sympathy for the living as well.

    @The solitary writer. thanku fr your appreciation. i second your opinion that the govt is same is every nation.they know exactly the ways to play with our emotions n kill us internally. i have been following the news of indian hostages as well n that really made me think that we are an independent nation stuck with non-independent politicians who dont have the guts to do rational stuff.god bless us n the hostages familes.