Sunday, August 7, 2011

I lived… receive more awards

It’s been raining awards this Ramadan for me and yup I am gonna take this opportunity to share this beautiful pic I found *all hails to google*.  Have a Happy and Blessed Ramadan.

I know that by now you all are tired of my awards blog posts and yup I cant imagine you nodding….like what’s up with this girl???? I can take it anymore!!!!!   *stab* oh okay probably you aren’t feeling this bad but I don’t know…. just can’t stop myself from thanking and dedicating a blog post to the sweetie pies who have awarded me. I know I should have waited for all the awards to come (as in I was sureeeeeeee they are gonna come) but I am just a lil bit tooooooooo hasty.

Thank you Shama
Thank you Areeba


  1. Hahaha xD.
    Congrats. Why don't you just collect all of them and mention them in a single post? =p

    Ramadan Kareem!!

  2. Happy Ramadan....
    Chain of awards chain of congratulations... :)

    Stay Blessed

  3. @Hmaza: too much work load isnt allowing me too do so. bechari main ;)

    @All: thank you :)

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  5. Too many awards na? :) Hehe.
    Can I have one of those?

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    About Karachi and very funny