Sunday, August 21, 2011

My city......of dead bodies!!!


I am so sorry I don’t know what to write!!! My creativity has gone Zero. Have racked my brains for approximately an hour but I just can’t think of anything expect all the horrible incidences that has been happening in Karachi.
Before going into detail I have an imp announcement to make. In all this chaotic depressively traumatizing situation I got the good news of being awarded by the very talented Ateeq Mughal . Started following his blog recently n i regret it (in a good way..obviously!!)....cuz i should have followed u earlier J
“I have read like only her single post but am like wanting more from her, her last post was just four lines long but it was something coming from some really deep deep thinking mind, am not disclosing it here, check it out yourselves”
Thank you for bringing back the smile on my face J

Back to the reason of me not-being-creative today. See I don’t really understand that when are we going to realize that we are PAKISTANIS not Sindhi, Mohajir etc. Killing people on ethnic basis, dumping their bodies in bags and throwing them on roads, alleys…who are these viciously venomous people????? Don’t they have a heart…I bet they have families too but then why are they so eager to destroy so many homes????
And what about us??? Ironically, we don’t care as well. I am not blaming anyone…maybe you the one reading it really cares…but how many out there are doing the same??? My city is burning and some of my contacts are SMSing me pepsi and aftari jokes……WTH…. Actually GO TO HELL would be the appropriate reply to all you heartless losers!!!!
Lord helps those who help themselves…remember???
I have no answers but I haven’t lost hope…somewhere I still believe that all this is going to end. I don’t know how…dont know when but yea this massacre has to end.
I am out of words
Take care n be safe
Pakistan Paindabad


  1. Congrats for the award. And we're all praying for y'all in Karachi.

  2. the day we r going to realize our flaws, would be the first step towards success.
    and OMG, u just mentioned me on your blog...
    thank you, thank you thank you

  3. I was adamantly tweeting about the Karachi upset. :S I don't live in Pakistan but I don't understand why there's so much apathy when they blood is right in your face.

    I got an award from Ateeq bhai too. :)

  4. Hey Kiran, congrats for the new award.
    Karachi... yes things are not going good, my parents are in karachi and mum told me last night that things are getting worse!!
    May Allah keep you and your family safe n sound.
    thanks for birthday wishes :)
    love x

  5. Congrats on getting this award! you deserve it! =)
    Karachi tow is in a bad bad condition , i hope it ends soon.
    you'll get ur creativity back, insha'Allah =)

  6. Congrats for the award, however, it's so difficult to celebrate under the difficult circumstances leading to "suspending life of residents" in the commercial hub of the country.

    I just called Karachi yesterday, alhamdolillah my relatives are OK but little unnerved under the tense situation. But it hurts a lot when we hear and see the ongoing suffering and people loosing their dear ones--such a sad scenario where my Blood Pressure stays high.
    Looks like the military has to step in to correct the situation.
    BS Rehman Malik or His Exellency Zordari--this bunch of goofs are no good at all.
    May Allah Provide peace to the city-- Amen

  7. it's a sad sad situation =[
    God bless us!

  8. Karachi situation getting worst day by day GOD bless our city b/w congrates for the award..

  9. congrats for the award
    I have full sumpathy with the victim families of Karachi Massacre. What a KARBALA SCENE. Shame on the administration.

  10. seriously! so agree with you! it makes me shiver with fear thinking about whats happening to our city and then getting those silly forward jokes makes me feeel like WTH!! =(

    all we could do is pray.. and that im doing with all my heart =)

  11. Argg ! I hate it when anything happens like this ! I totally agreee with U ! Hope Everyone's safe ! PRAY FOR KARACHI , PRAY FOR PAKISTAN :(

  12. @Hazel.Areeha,SUB: thank you :)

    @Ateeq Mughal: you r welcome :)u are absolutly right. hope that day comes soon.

    @Aasiyah: congrats on the award:)

    @Ifra,Shama,Sana,Sidrah, Shoaib: glad to c that atlesat ppl care about whats happening.

    @Tariq:exactly, the govt has failed badly.

    @Carol n Saqlain: thx for visting n commenting :)

  13. We so run out of topics to write about at times, I wonder why ;) and congrats on the award :)

  14. May Allah bless our country Ameen. <3

  15. Congrats on your award!

    The situation of Karachi just bleeds my heart. ;(

  16. @Serendipity: yup i agree and witnessing the tragic situation in my city.. its hard to thi8nk of anything else.

    @Aman: thx for your comment :)

    @Hamza: thx :)
    i know :( every patriotic Pakistani is feeling the same.

  17. Don't give up,hope is alive.

    Do your part,which you are doing,leave the rest for best.

    One person thinking and acting in right direction,soon there will be a chain of strong people to stand for what we believe.

  18. Well now i think its a time for a serious wipe of the BLOODY TERROR CREATING PEOPLE from this country and especially Karachi..

    The City which is the heart of Pakistan is in the hands of the most corrupt people and at the end of the day we all are corrupt :/


    Well i am your new follower :)

    Hope you follow back !

  19. @Daanish: as i said, i am hopeful that all this ll come to an end n for that i m playing my part...maybe on a small scale but yea i am doing my bit :)

    @Imad:exactly!!! there is a need of a total wipe-out. thx for commenting n folowing :)

  20. My dearest, this post is really a serious post with a serious issue!
    I wish our Karachi stay safe from terrorists & all stupid people who dont wanna enjoy peace..
    I live in Islamabad & we never face any problem like this,Alhamdulillah..but believe me i feel much sad whenever i watch news or any incident like this on TV about Karachi situation..where the govt is sleeping at this deadly terror issues?
    I m really sorry, i dont know how the people of Karachi are living in this situation :(
    Allah bless you all great people..stay safe & with peace!!

  21. oh karachi! =(

    i dont know what else to say. lets just keep praying. and congrats on the award. yaaaaaaaaaayy=D x x