Monday, August 1, 2011

Two in a row.....ufff *dies with happiness*

OMG!!!! Two awards in a row….*Heart attack on the way* This time it’s by our very own Cogitated Kuri.

“She is a real sweetheart”

Thx for your appreciation

Just as her name suggests she is a real deep thinker. Many of her posts actually made me think that…gosh she is damn right…on the spot!!!

Probably the best thing about her is that she feels like an old friend. Terse and a blunt can't help but think that she enjoys it. Always been intriguing to me with her fabulous taste in music cuz of the musicians she featured in her blogs….all were fab ones.

All in all, she has a great blog, great sense of humor and fantastic style!

If u haven’t been to her blog….man what were u been doing???? Check her out


  1. its nice yar
    hey u commented on my blog that
    u passed an award to me...where it is on ur blog?

  2. @Felicity: thank you :)

    @Chirag: check it out at

  3. Congratulations. :D
    You got another award, girl.

  4. congratulations...may you win many many more awards in your life :)

  5. congratulationsss!!! u r really sweet :)

  6. Congratulations girl :):)
    Appreciation to us bloggers is as important as our air to breathe :)

    Love, :)

  7. @Beyond Timid: thx fr the award :)

    @Muhammad Israr n Serendpity: welcome to my blog n thank u for leaving yr comments :)

    @Sadiya: thank u shoooo much :)

  8. Kiran did you check out here... something waiting for you