Friday, September 9, 2011

Midterm Examinations!!!!!!!

Hiya. Yea I know I haven’t been commenting on your lovely blogs and aint writing any new post either cuz *drums roll* Midterm Monster is here!!!!!

My midterm examinations are starting from 12th September and I am extremely buzz buzz busy.

Welcome to all my new followers xoxoxo

Thank you for following and leaving your valuable comments J keeps me going  J

And yea I was wondering is it like the break-up season cuz I have been hearing and reading bout break-ups on blogs etc these days. Couple of days back I went to my friend's birthday and there she asked her cousin the reason of his sad facial expression…….God that was probably the biggest mistake she ever made cuz the guy blew fire with his words. Thts exactly how he was feeling…..even some (most) of the words match!!!!!

He took approximately 1 or 2 hours ranting about his gf (ex-gf now) My ears still hurts. Came to know that yesterday he has dumped his strawberry shortcake…I still thinks she dumped him *suspiciously rolling eyes* God knows better.

Books calling!!! I will try to find time and comment cuz I can’t spend my day without reading your blogs.

In need of your prayers

Gotta go J

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eid greeting n me tagged again

Wishing you all a Gulab Jamun Eid (ps: I don’t eat sheer korma….STRANGE BUT TRUE

Areesha Bilal who just got 6A* & 2A’s has tagged me….yeyyyyy J Don’t forget to check out her blog cuz she is one talented young lady.

This is my second tag after one in April. Woooshhh!! long time…no tag…so sad!!!!

In this I had to go through my iPod and list my fav songs from each alphabet.  Ok so first thing first… I didn’t got my hands on an iPod yet *sulking*. I did borrowed my cousin’s once but had to return it back *more sulking* Ahhh don’t need to fill my comment box with pities……I am gonna get one real soon (next month to be precise…being a daddy’s girl has its advantages). For now on, I own an MP3 and MP4. This tag was a lil bit difficult cuz I have like a million… no trillion…..ah I guess gazillion songs on my system and half of them are on my MP3 and 4 (ps: do the math yourself plz… I neva got good grades in it) So if at this moment I start listening to the songs alphabetically……gosh I am gonna die n the songs won’t stop playing….there are just soooo many of them.

Yup people…meet the self-acclaimed Music Freak (a v cute one though!!!)

To cut it short, it was hard to go through my whole music library or my playlist (I have 12 of them…just letting u know) so I am gonna list the songs I am banging my head to (b4 Ramadan…..just clarifying) Plus all of them aren’t my top favs, still I don’t know why I kept listening them these days *rolling eyes*


If you are planning to revamp your playlist..stop reading this post immediately cuz the songs coming up aren’t latest…some of them even dates back to the 90s

Here goes…..

A=Aaja ve mahiya (infidel mix) by Imran Khan

B=Bachana by Bilal Khan, Beautiful by Eminem, Bonamana by Super Junior

C=Crank by Soulja boy

D=Dynamite by Taio and  Dil pareshan hai from Bol(movie)

E= Escape by Enrique

F=Fireflies by Owl City

G=Grenade by Bruno mars

H=Hail Mary by tupac

I=I made it by Kevin Rudolf feat Lil Wayne

J= Jump by Simple Plan

K=Kabhi by Josh, Kiss me thru the phone by Soulja Boy

L=Lithium by Evanescence

M=Miss me & In it for the love by Mohombi

N=Nice guys finish last by Ryan Higa aka Nigahiga

O= Off the wall by MJ

P=Potential Breakup by Aly and AJ

Q=Qarar by Cheapmunks

R=Ridin solo by Jason Derulo, Roti kapra makaan by OMI, Replay by IYAZ

S=Slip and fall by Lomaticc

T=Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

U= Utopia by Within Temptation

V= Vampire by Xandria

W=Walou by Outlandish

X= XoXoXo by Black eyed peas

Y=Yamla pagla deewana by Noman Javaid

Z= Zombie by Natalia Kills

*huff* done

Still here???? No  Eidi coming from my side!!!!!! go eat your sheer korma J


September baby