Friday, September 9, 2011

Midterm Examinations!!!!!!!

Hiya. Yea I know I haven’t been commenting on your lovely blogs and aint writing any new post either cuz *drums roll* Midterm Monster is here!!!!!

My midterm examinations are starting from 12th September and I am extremely buzz buzz busy.

Welcome to all my new followers xoxoxo

Thank you for following and leaving your valuable comments J keeps me going  J

And yea I was wondering is it like the break-up season cuz I have been hearing and reading bout break-ups on blogs etc these days. Couple of days back I went to my friend's birthday and there she asked her cousin the reason of his sad facial expression…….God that was probably the biggest mistake she ever made cuz the guy blew fire with his words. Thts exactly how he was feeling…..even some (most) of the words match!!!!!

He took approximately 1 or 2 hours ranting about his gf (ex-gf now) My ears still hurts. Came to know that yesterday he has dumped his strawberry shortcake…I still thinks she dumped him *suspiciously rolling eyes* God knows better.

Books calling!!! I will try to find time and comment cuz I can’t spend my day without reading your blogs.

In need of your prayers

Gotta go J


  1. I Hope you do well in Exams :).
    Study Well.
    You'll surely succeed. :D

  2. best of luck in advance for your exams!
    Have a good time.. well the video is super funny & almost true..hehe..being girl its not cool to write more about it..haha,,really!

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  4. hahaha this guy nailed everything rite :p

    btw all the best for your MIDS :)

  5. Best of luck for your exams.. you will definitely score well and top the class:)

    Weakest LINK

  6. of luck for your midterm...hope you would do welll :) and come back to blog after exam :)

  7. once you come back, you'll have an award waiting for you:

    ive been meaning to watch pyaar ka punchnama for a long time. XD just not ready for anything with the word love or pyaar or mohabbat or ishq right now.

  8. hey
    ur cmmnt notifictn came on my id not on my blog..! :( but anyways i read it and thanks fr dropping by and cmmntng..! :)
    and all the best..!