Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doctor or Engineer!!! Choose plz

Choose or Die

Let’s face it….the above shown is me/you/us/ZaidAliT and everything that is Brown…ah…having ears, eyes ,legs….and is alive.

Doctor or Engineer…this debate is still on….. Isn’t it?

I thought that with time, our parents must have also moved on and finally realized that there is a lot more present then the white coat and button down shirt. But I was very disappointed…we are still STUCK there.  Just like the dialogue in 3 Idiots,

"Larki hoi tu doctor aur larka hoa tu engineer"

I remember the time when I had to pick a field for my graduation and I got all sorts of irritating friendly advice:

Fat Aunty: Beta go for medical.

Me: But I don’t want to.

Fat Aunty: *Eyes popped out* how are you going to get a good rishta then??

Me: * Speechless*…ahhhh I will go get Rooh Afza for you.

C’mon on parents/family/relatives!!!  Can’t you see the dreams shinning in your child’s eyes…he/she doesn’t want to cut open people or build buildings. I mean it’s really strange that the world around us is moving ahead, people are exploring different fields, and picking the subjects they want to study. Sure if you are interested then go for medical or engineering but just don’t do it because the world is doing it. Basic trend today is


Even the ants are doing it!!! Almost all half of the people I know are either doing MBA, ACCA or CA because it’s the IN field, has money scope….a secure future.

Now, I am no bias against filling our country with only businessmen and bankers. After all, we could eat money if we are hungry…who needs chefs, we could paint our own pictures…who needs an artist, a banker could play drums better then Gumby. *Happy sigh* life would be so Moneyyy.

Wake up before we get flooded with business graduates!!! Do what you like to do and remember one thing, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SCOPE….(except the telescope and microscope)….but my point here is that follow your dreams and stop pondering on what everybody else is doing because they aint gonna be with you when you have no money and are going to die.... Ahm ahm...sorry that’s a bit toooo tragic…my bad. So point being that, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to change the world. What are you waiting for then??? Breakaway the chains and be yourself because everyone else is already taken.


  1. 'Anything that's Asian'

    & I'd choose Doctor, because that's how parents force their child. :P

  2. @Daniyal: So we have another doc in the making :P

    1. lol, it goes through the family I live in. :P Nobody goes for anything other than Engineering or Medical. & I think that's the case with at least half of Pakistan's Population. :D

  3. And when there will be too many of these doctor/engineer graduates and not enough jobs, that's when the humanities graduates will rise and rule over mmuuahaahhaaha =p=p

  4. @Daniyal: Same is the case with my family bt i am the first rebel..had fights, arguments but its all settled as they see me doing good. If you dont wanna cut open ppl then my advice is DONT DO something u really wanna do :)

    @AZ:Agreed :P there is a problem of jobs currrently as well so we tend to follow what everybody else is doing n then cry of not having enough jobs.

    1. YAY. You keep going like that, Kiran.

      I am in conflict by myself whether I want to do it or not. :P One side is money and the other side is passion.

    2. My advice.."Passion". Yea money is imp but if u are passionate bout something, u wld eventually make money frm it :)

  5. Yeah, I hate that debate too.

    If everyone becomes either a doctor or an engineer, then how the heck is the world going to operate? There are going to be no lawyers to sue bad doctors, no architects to help engineers create beautiful buildings.

    1. Exactly my point. Glad to see that their are atleast two rational ppl alive in this world. Thx :)

  6. I wrote something but it vanished don't know where :P so will write again.
    If only everyone could shove a rooh afza in the hands of the fat-neighborhood-aunties to this question :P
    I liked the part about the world being so money.
    It is the herd mentality of people which makes them choose mostly and seriously they think about log kya kahenge rather than thinking unka kya hoga.
    You have put such a powerful point so simply.
    Amazing write-up! :)

  7. Sweet of you to leave a comment :) Excatly far they don't think that what would happen to them bs society ki fikr pari hoti hai :P

  8. You can still get a good rishta :)

  9. I think this is a completely useless argument, coz either by choice or by compulsion, both the professions are very important for this not ancient world to be goin on! If there weren’t so many seats in engineerin, it won’t hv happened dat v get all these convenience, includin d advancements in medical field.. So i guess it’s very important der’re more engineers than doctors in our society.. And it’s equally likely to say dat not everyone has this ability to become a doctor!+

  10. Enjoy doing what your heart permits, not what others say. Because heart is where there the real guide is.! MY OPINION