Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lets focus on me today!!!

My birthdayyyyyyyy tara rum pum paa…. First on facebook so had to type loads of Thank youzz plus I did tweet tweet back my Thank youuuzzz as well. So now my hands are in unbearable pain and here I am writing a blog post…koi tu rok lo :P

*awkward silence*

*owls hoot*

*more hoot*

*even more hoot*

Okay okay…its enough to make me realize that maybe I shouldn’t have cracked that joke…such non-intelligent-zero-humorsense-peoplezzz

Coming back to My birthday…My day….so I hereby decide to interrupt this post with some appreciation of my own.

*Hush* serious talkies are about to begin

A lot has changed in the past year or so…for better and worse. Change has touched every aspect of my life, from family and friends to where I live and how I work.  It’s been a journey of loss, anger, sadness, fear and pain but it’s also been a path-way of new beginnings, happiness and love.  I have discovered that life isn’t fair…bad things happen to good people…sometimes a lot of bad things happen at once. There will be times when we feel like the whole world is against us and things can’t possibly get any worse…and then they will. But the thing is that there is always someone…somewhere who is worse off than we are. As hard as that may be to believe…putting things in perspective is incredibly powerful.

Its World Day against Child Labour as well….SSStop it you cruel-potheaded-creations…he/she is just a child!!!

End of serious talkies *Happy cheers*

Thank you for all the wishes and treat requests…they are under-consideration and I will get back to the concerned people a.s.a.p


  1. Happy b'day - I liked the opening lines of your post - interesting

  2. Oh Yes, I'll Be Waiting For My Gift. :p

  3. @Jalal: thx:)

    @Daniyal Asif: it ll b delivered to u on yr bday :P

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Kiran :)

    I didnt find any lines on how was your birthday? :p

  5. @Imad: thx :) i always get a surprise bday pary almost every year so this year also it went awesome :)

    @Shoaib: Thankew :)