Monday, January 28, 2013

Walk while ye have the Light of Love....

Every moment of light is a miracle

Warning: You may not understand the following post completely. Please accept my apologies for that. Consider it as another of my rants. Welcome to My World.

Thought and Thought again and again, Should I or Should I not. I did eventually because I cant go along faking it but was I Right? I didn’t mean to hurt anyone and I didn’t meant to make someone feel miserable but I did. Was I wrong or was I right? I guess I may never know. It was a choice, a choice to go along happily or a choice to risk everything and blurt out the truth. The truth has to come out. Was I too stupid to forgive that easily? They say I am. They say I do that always but isn’t that the right thing to do? Isn’t that what we should all do...Forgive and Forget. 

"A heart that hold grudges can never feel love"

Yes I am a proud believer of that. I believe that being a soul in a body of a mere human being is not enough to act as a God. We will never be that big to have the right to hold grudges. God never made us that way. Since my childhood, I have heard that Almighty loves us so why would he like us having the emotion of Hate in our hearts when we can invoke the feeling of Love and Forgiveness in it? Isn’t that the whole point of living?

 Few days back, I wrote some words:

"Love can be so powerful at times that it ties the tongue and the eyes wouldn't blink. It creeps slowly and steadily and catches its sweet prey with the utmost tenderness."

I still stand by those words. Love is the emotion that makes us think beyond what we believe in. It could be for Family, Friends or a Special Some-One, it will always be pure.  Now am I scared, indecisive, over-thinking or maybe being stupid but I am just being me. I don't have a special someone to look forward to but the friends I cared about...they are as special to me. I love them as much as I love my family but I guess that's not how they feel about me.

I know I am being hard on myself but Is that too much to ask from God? Is it too much to wish for? Cant I have a heart that is biased and just loves me? Who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks? Who is selfish and hoggish?

Maybe you, who are reading this might think of me as a Self-Proclaimed Narcissist but trust me, it’s really not a good feeling to hide your nightmares and smile to make others smile. It's not fake as well, Its your love for those people.

I am not unhappy on what occurred. They say it's all written and planned. People come in our life for a reason so why be afraid if they know the exact reason they are in your life and they confess it? That is the question I have asked to myself. I am happy to be around with beings who at-least are honest enough to say what they feel like and do stand by it.

As they say that not everything go in life as we planned so I guess we should welcome whatever comes and has yet to come.  As for my part, I let God be the guide of my heart and I rest my case in His court.


  1. Nice choice of words! You are trying your level best to use words to elaborate your feelings and perhaps it is the best what you can do! Superb post :)

  2. simple words often ruptures inbound silence... rant and rant.. as it helps to evolve completely!

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    1. I agree. Thank you for visiting and commenting :)

  3. You wanted to say that its the part of your Love for the people that you are honest and may be blunt to them at times and you have no intentions to hurt them but they think you hurt them?
    Your wish is right in a way that you want to have some purity of what you do and what you say because that is true.
    Well i am not sure i get u or not. But you are absolutely right about the power of Love.
    But beside love may be if you want to be true everytime may be you would not able to do it the same way rather you might have to change the way you blunt out or be honest and it depends on situations.

    1. Yes its one of the many meanings of this post :) Being honest many times can hurt your loved ones very badly and its really not a good thing to witness. As much as I want to be blunt, I dont want others to feel guilty for what they did. Thank you so much for visiting and your comments :)

  4. Love is the most stupid feeling. Get out of it, if you're indulging in it.

    1. If you think that it is a stupid feeling then I must say that its the most loveliest of all stupid feelings :)