Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Children of the tracks

Every track has a story

 “I was six when Ama told me to not get ready for school, she had no money,” Guddu confessed.  And what was he made to do then? Cleaning human waste dumped on the railway tracks.

Even after all these years, the condition of Pakistan Railways is nowhere near different. A number of its services have been cancelled or terminated but worst then that is to witness juveniles of six to ten years old picking up all sorts of junk ranging from plastic bags, shattered glass pieces, dangerous wires and even human excreta with their bare fragile hands. They later burn the wires and sell the copper in the market for pitiful amount of money.

The children performing this perilous job are dwellers of the railway lines area, located just beside the Pakistan Railways where reside hundreds of citizens who have given their sweat and toil to the tracks and their generations are doing no different. "We couldn't get any other job. There are no requirements here so we just come and work, no one asks anything from us," says Amina bibi, the mother of two. Her husband, a railway maintenance worker lost the battle of life after being hit by a speedy train. For these people, it’s impossible to even dream of getting their children educated as they are the bread earners of the family as well.

The year 2010 brought with it a ray of hope, an aspiring change, and a passion for education. I left you wondering, isn’t it? I am talking about the girl who decided to embark a sparkle of optimism in the lives of the children of tracks. A thesis on Pakistan Railways compelled 22-year-old Sadia Ahmed to come back to the land of pures.  “I went to USA never to return but when I did, I couldn’t go back,” she exclaimed. With her short spunky cut, sporting a purple kurta and jeans, she doesn’t resemble somebody to be termed as a revolutionist. Majoring in social development, Sadia was planning to live the American dream but discovering the devastating condition of these children constrained her to play her role.  “This job is hazardous to health so once I tried to stop a girl from doing it but to my surprise she told me I know it is really damaging to our lungs but what are we going to eat if we don't do it?”

Sadia’s journey for providing proper educational opportunities for these children had never been easy. “Letters to government officials and NGOs was all I was doing day and night.” But nothing proved fruitful un-till she met a group of volunteers through social media who were wiling to aid and administer her. “We started off by renting a room in the same area but then a bigger problem arrived which we never pondered upon,” Sadia along with her team went door to door but not even a single sole was ready to send their children to school for free. The problem lied in the fact that if they agree to send their children to school, who will bring the food home? While facing this dilemma, some of the volunteers suggested a very appropriate solution that benefitted both the families and the children. Through conducting charity events and donating money from their pocket money and salaries, the team gathered enough funds to sponsor at least 30 children. “We plan of continuing it as this is our major source for generating money. Lately we have been approached by TV channels so we are hoping to spread our message on a wider scale.” Currently she and her team have gathered enough funds to build a small school and are able to sponsor 80 children now.  Believing in the immense potential of the children, Sadia ensures that her young brigade is geared to multitask between their education and obligations towards society, as her motto is to be the change you want to see.

Courtesy: Revolution Flame

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Words cant express....

Sleepless nights and tormenting days
Haunting me inch by inch
Taking the soul of my spirit
A million miles away

Friday, February 15, 2013

Forgiveness comes from the heart

Can take you straight to heaven

Forgiveness.... It has always been easy for me. Never did I kept a grudge for long. It has always been easy forgiving no-matter what the other person did but what happened this time?? It’s so strange, confusing and I am going all crazy over it.

Has that ever happened to you that you want to forgive someone and God stops you!!! Aint it crazy?? I know you people reading this would be like "WOOOH...she is going mad. God is the most merciful and forgiving how will he stop another person from forgiving another being?" I completely agree with you all. Never has this happened to me but why?

God came to my dream and told me that you have rested your case in my court so I will be the one dealing with it so no-matter how much you try, you heart wont say yes to the forgiveness until I put that in your heart.

I mean I prayed to God, cried and cried again to let my heart let go of things but somehow it isn’t listening to me and the strangest of all is that I don’t hate the person but still.... I just can’t seem to understand why am I feeling that way?

Yes I did rested my case into His court because my mind couldn’t seem to understand what’s going on but I knew that I would eventually end up forgiving the person but it just aint happening. Sometimes I think, is there a lot more to it that I don’t know? Is there something else that I am unaware of and God wants me to know that. I just cant question God because he knows the best so I can only think that maybe there is something that He wants me to witness or experience.

I wont say that I have forgiven almost everybody who has hurt me. There are few people who I haven’t forgiven yet but now it seems that forgiving them wasn’t that difficult as compared to this person. This is all crazy and odd.

While recitation of the Quran, I came across a verse saying that Allah knows the best for us as He is the planner so we shouldn’t question what He is doing as He knows the things we don’t know.

The state of mind that I am going through with right now is massive crazy as I just don't know what to do as I don't want to lie and just utter the words of forgiveness. So, I have decided to stop over-reacting or over-thinking on it and instead leave it on God because He loves me and for sure He has his reasons for making me feel that way. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Been awarded "The Dearest" *honored*

And another award came my way *Happy Cheers* BIG THX to Shashank for awarding me with this award. For those of you not much aware of the German language or hate it because of Hitler, I just wanted to increase your knowledge a wee bit by informing you that Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, sweetest, favorite, beloved and everything nice.

For as always, good things do come with conditions and the same goes for this blog too.

1. Tell 10 random facts about yourself
2. Answer my questions please
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Write 11 questions for them to answer

Let it begin *drum rolls*

10 Random Facts about Myself

1. Almighty is my bestest buddy.

2. Miss my dad all the time.

3. I believe in forgive n forget principle but some cases are an exception.

4. Purple is my favorite color.

5. Apple is the only fruit I like to drink in juice form.

6. Addicted to Twitter.

7. Not a fan of shopping.

8. Doesn’t know how to apply makeup.

9. Watch all cooking competitions but still a non-cook.

10. I am partially insane.

Answers of the questions asked by The Guy In The Mirror

1. Do you maintain a diary?

- My blog is my diary.

2. Is falling in love and getting hurt really better than not trying at all?

- Future is unpredictable so why not fall in love irrespective of the circumstances, enjoy the moment and if it doesn’t work out, go and kill that person...just saying :p

 3. Is there a person, or people that you don't want to find out about your blog?

- Some Relatives.

 4. The longest time you have spent in front of a mirror?

- I think I will be doing that in the near future.

 5. The last time you said to someone "I Like You" or "I Love You" (Mention the person too if possible).

- I dont want to spoil the surprise :p

6. The last time you received a hug.

- Yesterday from my Grandma.

7. Do you believe in next birth? Why, why not?

- I believe in YOLO cuz Drake says so :p

8. Something that makes you extremely genuinely happy (non-materialistic).

- Being with people when they need me.

9. The best part of being single, and the best part of being in a relationship.

- Thinking *scratches head*

10. The most extreme thing you did in anger.

- For that I have to get angry and its not easy to piss me off.

11. Habit or habits of yours that others find peculiar?

- Selflessness and Forgiveness.  

My Nominations for the award *applause*

Note: Don't be sad if you are not mentioned in the above list I still love your blog (hearts)

Questions for the nominated bloggers

1. Name the blog you would love to hijack?

2. Does Gangnum style deserves to be turned into a dance routine?

3. What was the last lie you told?

4. Your greatest weakness and strength?

5. Why are Men from Mars and Women from Venus?

6. Song that describes your life?

7. Call or Text?

8. One word in your vocabulary that you use excessively?

9. What is your addiction?

10. If you meet me, what would be the first thing you would say or do?

11. A thing about you that you would never want your parents to find out?

If you are reading these lines....THANK YOU for bearing with this long blogpost. Love ya