Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Me : )

Hey Everybody,
                         I have expressed much about myself in the About Me section but let’s give you a complete insight of what I am and want to become in the future.
 I am a student of journalism since 2009 and will graduate inshallah in 2012. I am pretty much a creative person who is an obsessed book reader, movie buff, music lover, TV watcher, addict blogger, avid traveler and a person who treasures the time she spends with family and friends. Music is something that defines me and no matter how bad I am feeling at times, music can bring back my smile : ) I just love travelling and I feel really excited when get a chance to explore new places. All in all, I guess my life is pretty much a rollercoaster, and you've now got front row seats ;)
My message to everybody is that never take your life for granted and live it like you are going to die any second. tc :)


  1. Hey Kiran..your all blogs are full of colors and so very much interesting ..i just love all of them :)

  2. Sam parle vraiment bien de vous. Vous etes un excellent ecrivain. Bonne chance

  3. Jst lve da way u ar.u rock grl.

  4. You are good writer. I really liked reading about you. You have found a regular visitor here :)
    Jamil Ali