Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reach out...

"Are you okay?" Why do people say that? Does "I am fine" honestly satisfies them???? If so, they certainly don’t mean what they are asking. I mean come on!!! look into a person’s eyes. Cant you see that he/she is not at all okay? Asking this question again and again is just reminding them how badly they are hurt. I think we should reach out a little further than just "Are you okay?" instead of a question, make it a statement like Its going to be okay buddy you are going to work it out etc. Seriously, it would mean a lot more. Trust me, we all need to look a little deeper because
“Nobody is ever okay”


  1. Don't worry Its gonna be okay.

  2. Nice post. You are right we usually ask how are you? and their eyes are telling us that they are not fine but from the tongue they say I am fine common try to read the eyes!

  3. @ Ash and Asma: thx for agreeing: )

    @ Talha: thx for your kind words: )

    @ Nuru: u are right that eyes often portray the inner feelings

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