Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am sort of a poet too....not joking....seriously

I have finally posted my poetry…yay…cuz of two reasons:

1.    I couldn’t think of anything else
2.   The reason mentioned above
I have been maintaining a diary filled with my poetic works since 2010. Previously I use to write poems etc on a piece of paper and never really took it seriously…although I really liked it but still I thought that huh…me…poetry…nah but this all changed when God knows how, one of my poems got published in a magazine two years back. My eyes literally popped out when I saw my name and my poem (ps: I still think that it was a puerile piece of writing) I have thought of posting my poetry on the blog many times but what can I say…I wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea cuz there are so many bloggers who are such good poets and as compared to them....I might not prove be that good. But then some days back, I kinda realized one thing, from the very beginning, I was never ever afraid of criticism. In-fact I have always admired people who point out my mistakes rather than sweet talkers. What’s stopping me then???…nothing. So here goes:

Thou knoweth not the deeds ye did,
The bad ones, which ye cannot get rid,
The good ones, which are not enough,
Oh! Not enough, just not enough.

The day that comes like death itself,
Will make thy flesh creep to your bones,
The day when no one will be safe,
Not a soul, nay not even one.

That day is the Day of Judgment,
Where ye will be reminded of every deed,
Of happiness or sorrow or of torment,
And ye have to pay for every crime committed.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. Your admiration or criticism will be appreciated J


  1. Congrats on getting published, even if it was two years ago. :)
    And don't worry, I go through the same struggle everyday. So many people post poems that it feels kinda overrated if I do it. :/
    I love how you cleverly used the Old English in the poem. And the second stanza gave me an spooky thrill. Well done. :D

  2. Hey nice:) Always and always share your poetry and other things at blog, its your platform and you are free for anything unless its not going to cross moral values and limits:)

    I too have written some poems and they are on my blog :)

    In which mag, your poem was printed?
    Its a nice effort, but just lacks a bit of rhythm :) however you can improve with time:)

  3. A question:
    why have you featured Express Tribune blog in your side bar? i thought those articles are written by you!!

  4. Hey kiran you really good in poetry seriously I really like your poem.
    (I wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea cuz there are so many bloggers who are such good poets and as compared to them....I might not prove be that good.)
    Just want to say that never ever under-estimate yourself again keep it up girl..:)

  5. @Beyond Timid:thank u so much. U really boosted up my confidence. thx :)

    @ReeBz: Thx n i ll surely read yr poetry :)Yup it lacks rhythm cuz i wanted it to be that way. i have read some poems which are kinda out of rhythm but next time i ll try to wrk on the rhythm part.My poem got published in Smash magazine. its a khi based mag basically cuz i wasnt been able to find it in lhr or islb but ppl from cities other thn khi do send in their writing as well. Nah they arent my blogs :) i like to read tribune blogs n i dnt visit its site v often so i thought of adding thm to my blog :)

    @Shoaib: aww thts so sweet of you. thx for the advice n the kind words:)

  6. Its nice to explore ur blog. Its very interesting. U r welcome on my blog also.

  7. thanks for the follow back, it would be nice to meet up with fellow bloggers

  8. Oh..nice..i like it,you know when i read your blog very first day, i notice that she is having literary interest & today i read some more..hmmm..well keep it up honey

  9. @Akshita: thank u so much :)

    @Ahmed Yoosuf: :)

    @Creative Mind: awww..thank u :)

  10. Hey Girl Belated Happy Birthday :)
    loads ov love x