Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess who's got the Interesting Blog Award

Today I am thanking the very fabulous Teenage mutant of the blogger world Hamza for awarding me with 

“Nice people have nicer Blogs. There are no two opinions about that. Go and see what makes her blog "Interesting" ’’
Thank you for your kind words

So Ya'll head on over and check out his amazing blog
I am BEYOND excited because I got a Blog Award!!!! Apparently my first blog award. At first I was scared no one would read me but who knew that one day I will be receiving an Oscar (blogger award) ….a dream come true!!!

What can I say….I am thrilled, excited, happy, on cloud 12th(if there is one) blah blah blah…I know this is all too clichéd but that’s how I am feeling right now…flabbergasted J

Should have posted about it a lil sooner but was back being a book-worm and wasn’t finding time to even sign-in on blogger…*sob*…..yea my life is v v close to being hell ahhh but never mind I am used to it J

Hamza just wanted to tell you that my family (especially my mom and sis) are a fan of your blogs…yea sounds strange but parents do read blogs!!! Although mom aint net savvy at allll but still read your blogs or I keep on telling her about your totally awesome posts. My lil sis aint into blogging but she does know that Hamza-the-supercool blogger exists!!!!J so u surely are a house-hold name at my place J

Now here comes the difficult part for me…..In keeping with the rules of this award, I must bestow this honor on only 10 other deserving sweet, awesome, tremendous bloggers.

I LOVE all my Bloggers buddies and it was hard to pick just 10. So I hereby announce that I am unable to pick only 10!!! I love all you guys soooooooooo much cuz each and every one of you have appreciated me, comforted me when I am sad, laughed in my joys and encouraged me to keep on blogging…these aren’t just words trust me I Love You All
So as per breaking the rules I am passing on this award to all my blogger buddies. Sorry Hamza but I know that u understand the value of each n ever blogger friend that we have….they are all precious. Call me indecisive but that’s the way I am…just can’t go against my nature J

Thx again for giving me the opportunity to pass on this award

Keep rocking the blogger world

Forever n ever n ever…..



  1. I like how you you just posted the award to all your followers out there ;) Nice going! and thank you so much :D

  2. Thank you Kiran. You're awesome! :D

  3. Hi Kiran,

    Congratulations on receiving the award. You deserved it! Thank you for passing it on. I truly appreciate it! :)

    Ramadan Mubarak! :) x

  4. awww..thankooo janamm ..dats so sweet of u :-))

  5. Areeey how could i have forgotten you! YOU have been awarded too. LOL. and thaanks for the award sweetie. I love the way you awarded all of us.

  6. There were no strict rules. You could do anything you wanted to do=D

  7. @Kiran Ashraf: Thanks a lot dear... :)

  8. @ All: love u all shooooooo much :)

  9. thanks thank u very much


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  11. visiting your blog after a loooooooooooooong time :P I haven't visited mine too :P any ways a very nice change beautiful layout, Congratulations :) and thanks :)