Monday, January 28, 2013

Walk while ye have the Light of Love....

Every moment of light is a miracle

Warning: You may not understand the following post completely. Please accept my apologies for that. Consider it as another of my rants. Welcome to My World.

Thought and Thought again and again, Should I or Should I not. I did eventually because I cant go along faking it but was I Right? I didn’t mean to hurt anyone and I didn’t meant to make someone feel miserable but I did. Was I wrong or was I right? I guess I may never know. It was a choice, a choice to go along happily or a choice to risk everything and blurt out the truth. The truth has to come out. Was I too stupid to forgive that easily? They say I am. They say I do that always but isn’t that the right thing to do? Isn’t that what we should all do...Forgive and Forget. 

"A heart that hold grudges can never feel love"

Yes I am a proud believer of that. I believe that being a soul in a body of a mere human being is not enough to act as a God. We will never be that big to have the right to hold grudges. God never made us that way. Since my childhood, I have heard that Almighty loves us so why would he like us having the emotion of Hate in our hearts when we can invoke the feeling of Love and Forgiveness in it? Isn’t that the whole point of living?

 Few days back, I wrote some words:

"Love can be so powerful at times that it ties the tongue and the eyes wouldn't blink. It creeps slowly and steadily and catches its sweet prey with the utmost tenderness."

I still stand by those words. Love is the emotion that makes us think beyond what we believe in. It could be for Family, Friends or a Special Some-One, it will always be pure.  Now am I scared, indecisive, over-thinking or maybe being stupid but I am just being me. I don't have a special someone to look forward to but the friends I cared about...they are as special to me. I love them as much as I love my family but I guess that's not how they feel about me.

I know I am being hard on myself but Is that too much to ask from God? Is it too much to wish for? Cant I have a heart that is biased and just loves me? Who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks? Who is selfish and hoggish?

Maybe you, who are reading this might think of me as a Self-Proclaimed Narcissist but trust me, it’s really not a good feeling to hide your nightmares and smile to make others smile. It's not fake as well, Its your love for those people.

I am not unhappy on what occurred. They say it's all written and planned. People come in our life for a reason so why be afraid if they know the exact reason they are in your life and they confess it? That is the question I have asked to myself. I am happy to be around with beings who at-least are honest enough to say what they feel like and do stand by it.

As they say that not everything go in life as we planned so I guess we should welcome whatever comes and has yet to come.  As for my part, I let God be the guide of my heart and I rest my case in His court.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Note to Papa....

Dear Papa,

I know that you have gone never to return but, just knowing that you are going to be so far away, I guess that's what really hurts. It hurts because I know that for once you are not going to be there, just incase I need you. So, I just want to tell you that,

"It was nice growing up with someone like you. Someone to lean on, someone to count on, someone to tell on!"

I hope I meet you soon. Stay blessed in heaven.
With Love,

Friday, January 18, 2013

In all my difference....I am the same

Here I stand with my difference but yet the same

How many facts about other people do we have to read for us to really know them?  Seven? Fifteen? Eighty? Even if it’s 100, do you think you will ever know so much about them? Even if you have been together for almost 10-20 years, can you say that you know a lot about them? I have been asking this question every time I see facts about other people. When I read something that is quite similar to what I have been doing, or thinking, or dreaming. It’s that when I realize that even I myself don’t know my entire own being. Why do I have to see myself in other people’s lives, in other musician’s songs, in other mouth’s words when we all know that no two persons are alike?


Although I agree that we are all different from one another, yet, we are all the same. We live in the same, unfair, imperfect, beautiful world. We love another soul, eat the same food, see the same sun, walk under the same moon, look at the same stars and gaze at the same constellation. I guess the only difference is the way we see things, the way we picture them in our eyes and the way we think about them before we go to sleep. Right now, I can imagine how people will react upon reading this. Some will agree, some will smirk, and some won’t even bother. I don’t even know why I am writing about this? I guess I am being the thinky-girl type again (if there’s ever such word).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Movies that made us proud in 2012

There were times when the arrival of a new Pakistani movie was celebrated by our movie buffs. It used to be the talk of the town and cinemas were flooded with enthusiastic cinemagoers waiting in lines to buy the tickets.  It would not be wrong to confess that now Pakistani film industry has been thriving amid the financial crisis and not many people are present to take us out of this catastrophic state.  But as they say that all is not lost when there is even a small degree of hope left.  Luckily, 2012 has proved as the most auspicious year especially for our film industry in terms of the achievements that revived a major part of our Pakistani film industry. Lets have a quick review of all those masterpieces.
Either Speak or Suffer

BOL: It created waves in 2011 with its gripping and hard-hitting story of a naive woman's struggle against gender bias. Not just the Pakistani population, it convincingly awed a good amount of international audiences with its bravura performances. Because of this, it’s been raining awards for BOL since its release. 2012 proved quite fruitful as it got the awards in categories for Best Film Actress, Best Film, and Best New Talent at London Asian Film Festival. Manzar Sehbai got awarded at the 2012 SAARC Film Awards and Lux Style Awards for Best Film Actor and Humaima Malik attained Best Actress at South Asian Rising Star Film Awards.
Giving hope to many faces

Saving faces: Oscar knocked on our doors with Emmy award winning Pakistani director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's documentary short film "Saving Faces". It highlighted the humanitarian efforts of a London-based plastic surgeon, Mohmmed Jawad who decided to travel back to his homeland for curing women who are being victimized by brutal acid attacks. It narrates the tragic life incidents of two physically and emotionally scarred acid attack survivors, Zakia and Rukhsana and their arduous attempts to bring their culprits to justice. Oscar and Emmy nominated filmmaker; Daniel
Junge depicted the true intensity of this issue on the silver screen and even brought the viewers to tears. Apart from the prestigious Oscar, the film bagged a whole lot of other awards like the award for the Best Documentary Film at 84th Academy Award, SAARC Film Awards and12th Annual New York Indian Film Festival. Along with that, it was successful enough to get a nomination at Gucci Award for Women.
An incident that changed their lives

Seedlings (Lamha): The prestigious awards received by this movie were another feather in the hat of victories. The movie was chosen to be screened at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF). Directed by Mansoor Mujahid and starring Aamina Sheikh, Mohib Mirza and Gohar Rasheed, the film revolves around three individuals bound together by a devastating accident. It was nominated in seven categories, including Mansoor Mujahid for Best Director, Aamina Sheikh for Best Actress, Mohib Mirza for Best Actor in a Lead Role, Gohar Rasheed for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Summer Nicks for Best Original Screenplay and the talented Usman Riaz for Best Original Score and also Best Film. The film was massively applauded by worldwide audiences and won the People’s Choice Award for Best Film and versatile Aamina Sheikh got hold of the award for Best Actress in a Lead Role.
The unending road of turmoil

The Other Side: This 20-minute film made on drone attacks by the students of Iqra University was awarded with Best Audience Award at National Film Festival For Talented Youth, Washington. Written and directed by the ingenious student Danish Qasim along with five other team members, the movie focuses on turmoil’s of living between terrorists and on the scares left by drone attacks in the lives of tribal residents. The film was appraised by a wide spectrum of the audience because of its highly unlikely topic that has never been filmed before hence compelling festival administrators to give Audience Award to the film.
Movies like these have actually encouraged the young lot of film makers to experiment more with their product and come up with newer and better ideas. As the New Year arrived, a lot more is expected from the proficient young filmmakers who can take the sinking boat of our industry towards the shore.
Courtesy: Unique Pakistan