Saturday, July 27, 2013

Searching for nothingness

What if the reality is a dream and when we die, we wake up!

Dark clouds swirled around me,
I knew I was in a dream,
I couldn't see clearly but I knew,
I was in a frightening dream, a dream I had that night,
Searching for nothingness,
Ending up nowhere,
I couldn't find you,
In all that cloudy mess,
I see your face again and again,
I call your name again and again,
You ran away from me like I was a plague,
You didn't turned back to see if I am okay,
I ran after you,
But you were too fast!
And then abruptly, I fell,
Fell into a deep dark hole,
Where I can't see you,
Not myself, not anything else anymore,
Desperately, I started screaming your name,
I became panicky,
I don't know if I am okay,
I run here and there, but all that I feel is air,
It's too deep, I can't climb out,
I am trying to cry, but I am all cried out,
I don't feel anything, I am completely numb,
I try to find you, but you cannot be found,
The cloudy tendrils start suffocating me,
I can't breathe, nor do I feel anything,
I know this is my end, I am definitely ready,
I picture your smiling face in my head,
As long as you will be there, I won't feel death,
With you by my side, I am in no pain,
But surprisingly, when I tried to picture your face,
I felt a stabbing pain, then I saw my lifeless body, I am dead,
Everybody is there, but not you,
I am deeply hurt, because I love you,
Then came you, out of nowhere,
To be a part of my funeral,
You placed roses on my grave, black in colour,
You murmured, 'I will keep you in my memories forever', 
The wind blew hard, and you fluttered away,
You disappeared just like that,
Making me feel devastated,
Again I saw you and I call your name,
You didn't turned back, you simply walked away,
Leaving me alone out there to confront my fears,
This is when I woke up shaken from this dream,
A dream I had that night,
In which I am searching for you, but you were running away.