Thursday, November 28, 2013

Torn Apart....

Torn in Two...Crushed between fate

You got what you want right!! Thats what you want! Here it is. You got your success. You ate and ate, you bullied, you harassed, you tortured, you brutalised and you finally Killed but still... You Won... Bloody You... You have won at last. May God be with you as He has always been. We got our little share of happiness... Much that will help us survive. Go!!!...Go follow your dreams...Go have fun and enjoy a splendid time. Run as the bright future is calling you. And we are here... Here...waiting to be agonised...Waiting to be torn apart by wolves...Waiting to be burned...Waiting to pour our eyes out...Waiting to cry our loudest cry due to pain...Waiting...Just waiting to breathe our last breath. It all ends here...All... Nothing left. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just Mere Flesh.....

When the Fear of them reaching u gets higher then your motivation to Live

(Following is a personal account written with all my randomness and maybe most of you won't understand so my apologies for that)

Somethings can't really be described in words especially emotions. But the feeling of the heart being clenched, the heaviness, the pain, the torment....can't be described. Heard people say that leave it..move ahead. Really? There are things which are just buried once and for all but then there are things which suck the life out of you everyday...every minute...every second. Demons that don't let you live. Demons that blackmail you. Demons that curse you. Demons that harass you....And all this will eventually kill you. And what did I do? Nothing...nothing of the sort they did. Why? because I can't. I just can't. Instead, I have to continue feeding them. It's not easy and people don't understand that. It's hard to feed them whats yours...your hard-earned stuff. Easier for people to say that let it go. I was of the same opinion but when I went through the same, I realised how hard it is. It's easier in words but only when it comes to us, we know the feeling. Everyday you have to go through the same. Suspicious eyes, Ogling sights, Whispers, Curses, Assumptions and a whole lot more. Place where people see you as flesh...just flesh ready to be preyed upon. Flesh that is for everyone because the King of the jungle died who was the protecter of all the activity. The roar of whose and his sight would tear apart all the wolves coming to take their share. It's like standing in the middle of snow-capped mountains or under the crying sky. Standing there and feeling cold while you see those wolves and hyenas safe under a shade...watching you with their preying eyes...looking for their chance. Yet, they say move on. God-forbid but I wish all who have said that to me would someday experience it themselves and then I will be standing there telling them, Move on buddy...Move on. Then the feeling you would get, the feeling which would tear your heart apart. It's when you will feel that burning sensation butchering you from the inside inch by inch...slow and steady. 

My Dad, he was the reason I was living. He was more then a Father to me. He was something next to God...someone supreme...someone invincible. I don't know whether you would know the feeling where you die with your loved ones. You live and breathe and eat and smile but you are dead. I died with my Dad that day but the only difference is that he is buried but I am living. I got all the good talk from people that life moves on blah blah which is not wrong but what if the wolves continue eating you everyday and continue chasing you...Will you ever be able to rise up? Will you ever be able to shove it off and say okay I will move on? Can you? Words can't describe what I am trying to say but I live this horror everyday of my life. After my Dad passed away, I never had a day where I have slept in peace, not a single day where I haven't cried my eyes out or I haven't laughed out like crazy. Laughter...signs of happiness and joy. It always had a very different meaning for me and I have been lucky enough that nobody was able to guess it. My immediate expression over a joke, joy or something happy is a Smile...just a mere smile. Sadly many people have mistaken it for my sadness but thats who I really am. The laugh...the crazy me is the person trying to hide myself behind it. The louder it is, the more I will be able to hide all behind it. It's a norm in this world...laugh it out loud. That is exactly what I am doing, laughing it out loud because there is no solution. I can just laugh about it...its a laugh on myself that I can't do anything about it. Sometimes after a good day of laugh, when I look back at it, it just seems like the laugh of those hyenas, as if they were the one laughing all along. Yet they say move on. It could be anyone for you, you parent, grandparent, friend or even a neighbour...someone who loved you for who you are and someone who stood by you...someone who would love you the most and no other love can conquer that. I have felt that love too and I know it's hard to conquer.  The mistake I do is to try to find him in other people sometime. Some traits or some incidents related to some people just give me his glimpse and I am like, He is just like Dad but NO...He is not. Everybody has their own individual space and just putting the costume of our memories over them will take them apart from us.  Am I sad about it? A lil bit but I know the reality. It's just the heart that hallucinates.