Thursday, November 28, 2013

Torn Apart....

Torn in Two...Crushed between fate

You got what you want right!! Thats what you want! Here it is. You got your success. You ate and ate, you bullied, you harassed, you tortured, you brutalised and you finally Killed but still... You Won... Bloody You... You have won at last. May God be with you as He has always been. We got our little share of happiness... Much that will help us survive. Go!!!...Go follow your dreams...Go have fun and enjoy a splendid time. Run as the bright future is calling you. And we are here... Here...waiting to be agonised...Waiting to be torn apart by wolves...Waiting to be burned...Waiting to pour our eyes out...Waiting to cry our loudest cry due to pain...Waiting...Just waiting to breathe our last breath. It all ends here...All... Nothing left. 


  1. waiting ...waiting..waiting forever....

  2. doesnt sound very cheerful, but
    may you have an enjoyable festive season ahead..
    may you have a grace-filled Christmas and Happy New Year

  3. True Kiran.
    I used to be a Muslim. I used to be a Jewish.
    I used to be a Christian.
    The words are mixed.
    I cannot remember where is what.
    Who said and why.
    And the anger inside is all that left for me.
    The pride.
    I used to trust. To believe.
    That is why I became a slave.
    A slave for people.
    Not anymore.

    God is not a property.
    God is not a word.
    God is not belong.
    God is the answer for the anger in me,
    Not this world.

    I don't follow religion anymore,
    Religion has made me cruel and cold.
    I don't follow anything anymore.
    I don't follow people
    No one.
    Just God.
    Just Love.

    There's no one to trust
    Nobody's honest
    In this very