Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Most awaited prize has finally arrived

Alhamdulillah…wooohhooo…yaaaaeeeee it has arrived: D I am like so so happy right now when the doorbell rang and I saw the postman with a big package in his hands, I knew my prize from Sufi Comics has finally reached its destination: D The absolute beautiful Arabic Calligraphy and the super awesome comic books :D And to my utmost joy, I saw that both the books are signed along with beautiful quotes written on them as well,
“Remembrance of God is polish for the heart.
~ Prophet Mohmmed (P.B.U.H) ~
“The wound is the place where light enters you”
~ Molana Rumi ~
I seriously needed such beautiful quotations.
From writing that Blog post for the competition at the eleventh hour till receiving an e-mail that I won was like one of my dream come true tbh. It may seem casual to most but for a fan its a big deal :) Sufi Comics, since the day I have first found about them, have been among my most favorite. Mainly because the whole idea behind it is very inspiring. Islam and Islamic values in today’s world have been quiet misunderstood. Even Muslims, particularly the young Muslims aren’t even aware of much of our religion and incidents related to Prophets, Sahabas (read: Prophets friends) and Aulia-e-Karaam (read: Spiritual beings) With the growing advancement in the world, Sufi Comics is a breath of fresh air as it has used the famous comic book medium to pave the way for people to have an insight about Islam. I congratulate them for taking the initiative and pray that Allah Subhanawatalah bless them with success and accomplishments in the coming years. For now on, I will be hooked to the comic books till I reach their last page and will be re-reading them again soon. 
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