Sunday, March 15, 2015

Celebrating Women's day---------The Irony

First thing that I read on March 8th was:-

 “6 year old inserted with a 4 foot rod in her private parts by a 25 year old assaulter in India”

And guess what day it was……it was the day where we love to boost of us respecting feminine gender.

I don’t want to sound really harsh or angry but I am.  I shivered, I felt so angry and tears started running down my eyes by just imagining that horrific act. I seriously didn’t knew how to address this issue in a proper manner since nothing ‘appropriate’ seem to work with this nation. For days I just kept curbing my anger inside but I can’t anymore.

Now, many of you might argue that yea such stuff is happening but we should keep a more optimistic outlook on life…..I mean come one PEOPLE!!!!! Nations where girls of 10, 5 or even 3 aren’t safe then how can you ever be optimistic about such situations??????   This whole fear of getting abducted or raped God forbid has sucked the life out of girls and their parents. A common parent is too afraid to let their girls explore and experience and the girls aren’t been given a chance to live out their dreams. Street harassment teaches women that they are prey and that it’s safer to stick with the herd. It’s sad but true how women often feel unsafe in public unless they are in a group. You must all have watched the video where a girl walked on the streets of New York, first in western clothing and then in Hijab. It showed that nobody catcalled her while she was in Hijab. I guarantee that if this video was made in Subcontinent (be it Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc) the girl undoubtedly would have been physically and verbally harassed. I will state my reasons of it as well.

It’s easy for men to blame women’s clothing being too provocative for them or their attitude being too racy. On  a certain level, I may agree that yes one should dress appropriately keeping in mind the norms of the society we live in but,  I myself have witnessed Hijabi and Niqabi women suffering from the same trauma. They wear the clothing to follow the religious commandment + to protect themselves from lustful gazes but is it proving of any use unless the men aren’t ready to stop preying on them? They face the same level of molestation and trouble while walking down the streets. So even where women are very modestly dressed and veiled, they still face harassment and are the prey of harassers. Its basically more about the filthy mindset because men ready to even assult a child, won't be 'considering' her clothing much to be honest.

In the Holy Quran, Men are advised to respect a women ‘before’ women were told to guard their modesty.

"Tell the believing men that they should reduce/lower (يغضوا) their gaze/vision and guard their private parts" Surah Nur 24:30
"Tell the believing women that they should reduce/lower (يغضضن) their gaze/vision and guard their private parts" Surah Nur 24:31

A point which adds weight to this argument is that the term "ابصار (absaar)" translated as gaze/vision, has also been used in the Qur'an to metaphorically refer to a person's inner character and capabilities to grasp and respond to the outside world correctly, rather than literally one's vision through the eyes.  So, a man needs to lower his vision and keep his heart clean from impurities every time he came across the female gender.

Countries where toddlers are being raped, we can’t get away with the argument of outrageous clothing.

It all begins at home. I have even seen families where a daughter is still considered inferior, a daughter-in-law is treated as garbage and a mother is insulted by her own sons on provocation of their grandmother. It’s time that females should start supporting each other’s existence. Such behavior needs to be nipped in the bud at the initial level.

Women themselves keep quiet about such inhume behavior that they are victims off on a daily basis. I have asked girls the reason and all of them said that they didn’t wanted any trouble. Many of them even confessed that their parents or brothers would blame them some way or another. This seriously is mad crazy!!

Reporting the crime, filing an FIR, running a news about it 24/7 on TV or protesting on Social Media doesn’t seem to work so what’s next? You….each and every one of you reading this should take up this responsibility to RESPECT all females around you. Make them feel safe in your presence. And especially to all the ladies reading this…SPEAK UP!!! You need to tell that pervert that he is wrong. You need to be an inspiration so stop looking for one and get ready to INSPIRE.


  1. First, Women must be protected by law.
    Second, Women should get Free fighting lessons in school, by law, 4-5 times a week.
    Third, in the case that a woman hurt a rapist badly - She must be protected by law.
    If the law protects women and allows free self-defense lessons then women could be more safe.
    It's easy to stop attacker with a simple hit, but the law must protect the woman 100% in these cases

  2. great to see you at blog after almost one year! and this article is indeed very awesome! Speechless..
    keep reading your articles dear.

    1. I know I have not been much on the blogsphere but trying to show my presence as much as I can. Thank you for the lovely comments <3

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.