Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tabsira #1: The Not-So-Funny Modi rant

Image Courtesy: Ali Gul Pir

The recent Indo-Pak cold war and those surgical strike fiasco has affected the artist community as well. With the extremist Indian parties threatening and throwing our actors and singers off their country, Pakistani artists here are doing their bit to respond in their own capacity.
One such recent attempt is from Wadery Ka beta fame Ali Gul Pir. Man needs no introduction so let’s just get to the talkies.
On October 9th, he released his new track “Modi Teri” hitting Social Media with a bang. By the time I am writing this post, it has hit 130,000+ and more than a 1000 share.

Tell you what, I am a fan of Pir for his intellect and tongue-in-cheek lyrics but this one was a sheer disappoint. He announced a few days back about releasing a song on Modi and it did created a lot of buzz but the end result, not good. Unlike his previous tracks, this one is more about body shamming and abusive language. Not that he has never used minor cuss words before, but that was done in more of a subtle intelligent way so that the words were best suited as per the song requirement.

This is just a personal thing but I was madly enraged upon hearing the words, “Teri Maa Ki” I just can’t stand abusive language being associated with Women tbh. That is why maybe I am severely pissed at the song. I didn’t understood the need of using such derogatory terms. It seemed highly unnecessary as if someone added those to the lyrics at very last minute to spice things up or to catch the attention of the masses quickly.

Pir’s acute description of Modi refraining from participating in SAARC, hating on Fawad and cutting off our water supply deserves an applause. Singer has the dynamism to spawn a generation yet all he was doing was throwing witless jabs.

Its video was released on 22nd Oct and it was nothing of a surprise. It shows Modi being brainless, stuck awkward postures looking plain stupid. Yes Modi is the most nonsensical Prime Minister on this planet but this is how we respond? By showing him in funny situations. A laughter can be generated by highbrow puns too? Doesn’t need to portray mediocrity.

I had a discussion among my circle on this song as well and most of the responses I got were:
One. Calling me a dummy because Duh! This song is out very first artistic response to the Indian Government and me criticizing it is ludicrous.  
Two. We should not always make those type of ‘Responsive Songs’ where they portray us winning a war against them.

Going through the comments, I found some people being critical of the song and Pir’s response to that was and I quote,

“I give blunt responses. Did the same with waderas and taroos, doing the same with Modi. If you do not call out evil or identify a problem, then you are part of it. I m speaking of rap battles instead of wars, nobody dies if we battle it with art and music.”

Sometimes I think this song is just a case of bad portrayal of one’s intention. I mean definitely the artist wants a no war situation but what came out in the song is more of an incitement. Now I guess we would be getting a response through an Indian song maybe and it could be using same sort of spiteful language against the women of our nation. Hence, it could go on and on.

And yes the music of this song was good. Ali Gul Pir has worked previously with the likes of Adil Omer, Talal Qureshi and yes this time  SomeWhatSuper’s unique sonic abilities did brings out its own loud musical structure.

All this just reminds me of a quote by the favorite. Ellen DeGeneres,

“Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else's expense. And I find that that's just a form of bullying in a major way. So I want to be an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else's feelings”

All in all, I don’t hate the song nor the idea, it’s just the terminology and the irrelevant portrayal that is not appealing. It is actually sad that we as people have become so immune to using slanderous terms that now it is found funny and particularly when it’s done against women, it nothing to be ashamed off.

Oh and yes, I can see many people calling me an Exaggerating *B….* after going through post. Well then, I am okay because I understand that this is what people usually say when a woman 'dares' to speak her mind. Toddles. 

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  1. You are on point with our immunity to slander and cheap jokes and seriously for all our claims to be highly moralistic society we are actually pretty callous about the prevalent use of slangs. You sre not exaggerating bro, a lot of us share the same concerns.