Monday, April 3, 2017

Bachi Chahiye?

Courtesy: MangoBaaz

The picture above is taken from an article few days back regarding dating tips for guys on how-not-to-remain-single in 2017. This blogpost is not about that article so in case you are here in hopes of me critically analyzing it (as if I don’t want too), this is not your day. This blog is about the term ‘Bachi’

For all my non-desi readers,
Bachi (Ba-a-chi): Small girl
Chahiye (Cha-he-ye): Want
Literally translating into, do you want a small girl?

Yes, the translation sounds very wrong in many ways. Before you term us a pedophilic nation, I would like to inform you that ‘Bachi’ is a term which we use for our girlfriends or girls we want as our girlfriends; Just like you use the word ‘Baby’ which literally means a toddler or little girl/boy.

Question is that have you ever pondered on the fact that using the same terminology for a little girl and a grown-up woman could actually mess up our brain?

Not all men are thirsty perverts trying to gawk on the feminine gender. It’s just that men genuinely don’t realize the implications of these terminologies. Most guys believe that relating us to an innocent child is flattering which is rightly the case for most women. Many of us behave in a girlish manner in desire of being applauded by their significant other. But it is leaving some disastrous impacts on the minds of many young men and society in general. A very common example is of child beauty pageants were young girls are turned into porcelain dolls to impress the judges. They are dressed up as grown women with heavy makeup and provocative clothing.

We all hear news about little girls as young as 2 or 3 years old being raped and assaulted. Many of the accused are not even pedophiles. They just do it because their preference of a victim is a female, despite of her age. I don’t know by his point how many of you are agreeing to what I am saying and to be honest, I don’t have any scientific theory or successful experiment to support my argument. All what I am talking about came from general observation. It’s almost impossible to argue that women are not sexualized and objectified in their day to day encounters. Referring an adult woman with a word that strictly describes an underage girl is not only an extension of the problem but it also perpetuates it.

It’s a farfetched example, but I think the way people have begun using the word ‘Bitch’ so commonly is no different. We don’t think about a female dog while calling someone ‘Bitch’ but that in reality is the dictionary definition of the word. As a capable, driven, learned women, we are well-aware that such derogatory terms are nothing but rude and unnecessary.

I may get hate from females for voicing against terms they find cute and sweet but come on ladies, even in English language alone there are approximately 1,025,109 words. As educated young people there is absolutely no reason we can’t find alternatives words to describe how we feel about someone.

Thank you to all the ones reading. Glad we had this talk.

This post is written as part of the #AtoZChallenge 2017 for the letter ‘B’ 

The challenge gave me an excuse to revive my beloved blogosphere again. I will be writing on a different theme as per the alphabet. All the ones reading are warmly welcome to comment, connect and enjoy this ride with me.


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