Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tabsira#2: Sanam...the same old humdrum

I don’t watch much drama serials so I am not the right person to make comparisons here. Honestly, I was looking forward to this one. The OST is just like mellow marshmallows to my ears but what compelled me to write is the mediocre and hypocritical clichés that are consistently part of high budgeted and sadly high grossing dramas.

Summary: The elites are mad-headed crazy shits who just like to spend money and act bizarre while the shalwar kameez clad simple girl-next-door is an angel on earth.

If I just end this post right now it won’t be wrong because the summary above is sufficient.

The story revolves around the dapper looking Harib (Osman Khalid Butt) with no family except his cuckoo wife Ayla (Hareem Farooq). The couple were enjoying their honeymoon period when Ayla accused her husband of having an affair with seedhi sadhi neighbor Aan (Maya Ali). In reality, Harib and Aan are nothing except friendly neighbors  but Ayla being the patient she is doesn't agree to it, leaves the home…fast forward…Harib receives the divorce papers. Now Ayla is out of his life and his mind, as he claims. Aired on every Monday at 8:00 pm, episode 9 has been done up till date and new characters are introduced as well.

My first and foremost point is that why mostly the people born with a silver spoon are portrayed as such devilish lunatics? Majorly they are making illogical decisions and continue making the same expecting the result to be better. They derive pleasure from lording over other people who cannot do anything about it and who are less powerful than them. Then there is this particular emphasis on clothing as well because the Rich Defence-born girl has to be shown wearing western attire throughout as if she has never ever worn anything eastern. Only in feudal based drama they show feudal women in their local clothing.

And now enters the simple and sweet girl. She has to be in shalwar kameez (add dupatta for extra sharafat effect) plus she be all immaculate, chaste and faultless. More like a porcelain doll.

Have you guys ever in your life seen such forged and fabricated human beings? I understand that dramas are not supposed to be all real but they do have the power to create their own reality. Due to their enhanced role, they are molding our brains in an unrealistic phenomenon. It’s basically a vicious system that is eating us from inside out. Categorizing people in boxes is the worst that could be done.

The portrayal of Ayla is of a frenzied rich who feels free to use her foul mouth to abuse any and every one. She views the rest of the world as subservient to her every wish and subject to torment. On observing the drama closely, one can see that Harib on incidents have given viewers tads and bits of Ayla’s disturbed past. He even said he married her in hopes that she may come out of her mental illness. So basically the girl is a patient. Her non compos mentis is solely because she may have suffered from distrust and similar issues in the past. Such people are way more possessive then the others and at times can act pretty irrational due to their fear of losing their loved one. So far I have not witnessed that anyone has tried to attend to her as a patient. Even her husband who knew about her condition is terming her ludicrous and skeptical. I mean Wow!

Now Ayla blamed husband of cheating on her with Aan. Aan’s mother (Hina Khawaja Bayat) furiously rushed to Harib’s house complaining about his mad wife’s accusations because of which a prosperous rishta ran away. The seemingly helpless husband cried out his sad tale and Mummy Ji was grief stricken like head over heels. She and Harib made efforts to eliminate the misconception but all failed. For me, things turn quite awkward when Mummy Ji and her daughter Aan tried to take extra care of Harib. They are sending him food and even eating together. Her daughter, who apparently and yes off course mistakenly is the reason of a visibly broken marriage is consistently at Harib’s house bringing delicious food and providing her thoughtful advice. In an episode, Ayla even saw them together and she obviously believed that all in her head is true after all. Why the heck would you be this much friendly with a person having such a wife? And now when your daughter is so apparently accused, why is she even at the guy’s house so much? This doesn’t add up at all. I am not suspicious of their intentions and yes they are doing that as a good deed but no bruh it ain’t helpin.

Many married couples experience that their relationship change over time. I believe that the initial years of marriage are very vital that actually build the base of how your relationship is going to progress over the years. The first years of marriage are the riskiest for divorce and affairs as well because both partners are very involved in each other. Any interruption from outside can shake their initial powerful attachment. My point here is that only if Aan and her mom could have just maintained their distance and let the couple resolve the matter themselves would have led towards better results. The guy is obviously deprived of love and attention so all this loved showered upon him can actually turn him against his wife. He would see her as a psycho who is falsely charging him and poor innocent soul Aan. It is in-fact shown in an episode that Harib’s shouts on Ayla over her bad behavior with Aan’s mother. Also, he is persistently thinking about how fanatic his wife is.

Yes it’s too early to pass on a judgement but I see the drama going downhill with its same old typical concept. I would really appreciate if they prove me wrong.  Plus, I am proudly terming myself a self-proclaimed analyst from now on so here goes the rating:

Storyline: 2/5
Acting: 4/5
Dialogues: 3/5
Direction: 4/5
OST: 4.5/5


  1. So true. Why make mental patients evil instead of sufferers? Why is love sold as the ultimate cure? Why isn't a moderate girl considered shareef? Why is sharafat always presented in a package laced with stupidity? Why are girls so dense as to ignore the fact, a man and a woman sharing close moments in a mostly segregated society always seen as headed towards something more than friendship or mere acquaintances? Gahhhh it's frustrating as thanks a lot for penning down all the fallacies of modern day media-depicted romance are on point with almost everything..