Saturday, February 26, 2011

It hurts like hell....

When you lose someone you admire and they break your heart, that’s the hardest thing you could ever go through and no matter how much time has passed, it never really goes away. You may think that you are getting better with the passage of time but then you get a flashback or remember a cherished memory.  That is when it hits you all over again. Just like a stab in the heart and you fall apart for the hundredth time. You feel like crawling under a rock and never come out. The person you once liked have hurt you worse than you have ever been hurt. They stole your happiness but it’s not like it matters anyway because at the end of the day, you are still thinking about that person who has left you completely broken. You don’t want to remember them anymore but you know you always will.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reach out...

"Are you okay?" Why do people say that? Does "I am fine" honestly satisfies them???? If so, they certainly don’t mean what they are asking. I mean come on!!! look into a person’s eyes. Cant you see that he/she is not at all okay? Asking this question again and again is just reminding them how badly they are hurt. I think we should reach out a little further than just "Are you okay?" instead of a question, make it a statement like Its going to be okay buddy you are going to work it out etc. Seriously, it would mean a lot more. Trust me, we all need to look a little deeper because
“Nobody is ever okay”

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curing Smile Deficiency

It is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. A smile can cause boundaries to melt, hearts to warm up, and distances to reduce. Why don't we smile more often? Is it too hard to smile? The answer lies in our attitude towards life. If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily.
So please……..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be fought for....

Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. Do listen to other’s opinion but you must know from inside what you actually want to do.

What's meant to be will end up good and what's not won't. Understand that this is how the world goes by and we can’t change that.

Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don't, you just have to move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you. Hopefully someday people will realize great things when they lose something real.

So always fight until you can’t anymore and then,
Be fought for

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dedicated to Nuru......

Happy Birthday my dearest and sweetest friend Nuru. Not a day goes by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here. Today on this special occasion I felt that I should take a moment and dedicate a post to this wonderful human being who entered my life when everything seemed so low. I was confused, bewildered and didn’t know how am I going to cope up with the university life without the absence of a sincere friend.
I was first introduced to her in English minor class. At first I was somewhat unable to judge her. She seemed all smiles and fun but then suddenly I have also noticed a practicality on her face. I was confused and that refrained me from going up to her but her attitude made me think of her quite often. Plus, I love people who have a mystery to themselves. Although I was so messed up with my new found university life but somehow her thought never faded away. Whenever I saw her I just had this feeling that she is stuck just like me wanting to get out and breathe. Although I went on making some friends but I felt the absence of a bond between me and them.  
As Nuru quotes “Destiny rules us” so I was destined to be her friend. A time came when I had to really go through a bad patch in which I was unsure whether to stick with the friends that I have or move on to other people. I turned to God and got my answer (thank you Lord Almighty) as signaled by God, I confidently decided to move on and search for a true friend. In the way I had some highs and lows but then I found her, my mystery girl Nuru. It was really a strange feeling that “Gosh!!! Silly me….I was thinking we weren’t meant to be”. From a third person’s eye yeah we look different (ps: even our height doesn’t match either) but as they say that appearances doesn’t matter when you know that you have found a perfect companion.
We aren’t poles apart but yes we are two individuals who have different thoughts and aspirations…still we connect. The funny part is that I used to dislike girls with a babyish attitude (ps: I still do) but somehow when Nuru acts that way it just seems natural. She is a total cute baby but also a very hard-working person and that makes her different from the other babyish or girly types.
Hufff….I can go on and on about her : ) I want to tell her that Remember, you'll be this age for only one year but you'll be awesome forever. I love you Nuru and thank you for being there when I needed you the most. I know that from now on you can cleverly disguise yourself as a mature and responsible 20 year old but you will always be a sweet kid at heart. So don’t ever worry about getting old because you grow more beautiful with each passing year. Hope you have a birthday as awesome as you are.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Connecting citizens with Dawn

“Citizen Journalism is an excellent form of knowledge democracy”. Following are the words quoted by Mr. Owais Mangalwala, producer of renowned programs like “State of Sharia” and “Wired and active” on Dawn News Channel. He is associated with Dawn since 2007 and is currently producing and anchoring the show “Citizen Journalism”.
He addressed a seminar on Citizen Journalism at Jinnah University for Woman on 29th Jan 2011. Answering a question he himself posed, Mr. Mangalwala explained that when a citizen wants the world to view things from his perspective then he is termed as a citizen journalist. The basic motive of Citizen Journalism is to provide audiences with the tools so that they may communicate and report news to each other.
He elucidated the following types of journalism
1.      Sharing of experience
2.      Sharing of opinion
3.      Sharing of discovery
4.      Sharing of expertise
Mr. Mangalwala explained the fact that a media organization is in constant need of people. Through this platform we can correct the media as well as highlight core and non-core issues.
Following are the key points of Citizen Journalism illustrated by him
1.      The necessity to be real
2.      Remember that everything and anything can be reported
3.      Write and express your point of view
4.      Never underestimate yourself
5.      Be descriptive but never exaggerate
6.      Accuracy is the key
7.      Use of correct grammar
8.      Follow a code of conduct
9.      Avoid plagiarism
10.    Expand your knowledge on the art of reporting
11.    Find a mentor
12.    Take feedback and implement it
He said that a journalist should perform his duty in a fruitful manner only then can the audience decipher the difference between news and noise. Realizing the external pressures on media, he interperated that though Citizen Journalism might not play a huge role in the development of the society but it is surely a step towards bringing a positive change. Dawn News Channel is also trying to organize an awarding and certificating ceremony for Citizen Journalists.
The seminar is followed by a survey on Dawn News Channel morning show “Mast Morning” hosted by Maira Khan.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warning!!!! frustration ahed!!!

Frustration phenomenon is really a frustrating thing to experience. Sometimes you just feel like probably killing yourself, to run away from all that is happening or to just move out and breathe but I guess not all of it is possible. You know, the funny thing is that frustration kind of unites us all as well so today irrespective of our nationality, caste ,creed, status etc we are all standing on the same platform because we all are frustrated on something : )
So, why is this all happening?? The answer varies from person to person. In my view, we are always told to develop a compromising attitude towards life…… but why??? Why do we always have to say YES to whatever life throws at us???? Why can’t we just refuse to accept it, say NO and work on our own terms???  Is it because we are simply afraid to try new things or is it mere laziness? Whatever it is, it does contribute in increasing the number of unproductive people in the world :) 
I hate it when people say that “I am in bad condition because it was written in my fate”. But nobody question’s fate. Why?? Because we believe that fate is written by God and if we speak against it we are probably defying God?? But my question is, How can God write that you are going to suffer all your life and face a tragic death as well??? I mean C’mon guys God is not cruel. He loves all His beings so he can’t write a tragic fate for any of us. Yes I agree that fate do have an impact on life but God Himself said
“Your hard work and prayers can even change your fate”
All in all what you do is what you get so, rise and do something productive rather than sitting and blabbering all day about how bad your fate is. Have a nice day :)