Sunday, August 21, 2011

My city......of dead bodies!!!


I am so sorry I don’t know what to write!!! My creativity has gone Zero. Have racked my brains for approximately an hour but I just can’t think of anything expect all the horrible incidences that has been happening in Karachi.
Before going into detail I have an imp announcement to make. In all this chaotic depressively traumatizing situation I got the good news of being awarded by the very talented Ateeq Mughal . Started following his blog recently n i regret it (in a good way..obviously!!)....cuz i should have followed u earlier J
“I have read like only her single post but am like wanting more from her, her last post was just four lines long but it was something coming from some really deep deep thinking mind, am not disclosing it here, check it out yourselves”
Thank you for bringing back the smile on my face J

Back to the reason of me not-being-creative today. See I don’t really understand that when are we going to realize that we are PAKISTANIS not Sindhi, Mohajir etc. Killing people on ethnic basis, dumping their bodies in bags and throwing them on roads, alleys…who are these viciously venomous people????? Don’t they have a heart…I bet they have families too but then why are they so eager to destroy so many homes????
And what about us??? Ironically, we don’t care as well. I am not blaming anyone…maybe you the one reading it really cares…but how many out there are doing the same??? My city is burning and some of my contacts are SMSing me pepsi and aftari jokes……WTH…. Actually GO TO HELL would be the appropriate reply to all you heartless losers!!!!
Lord helps those who help themselves…remember???
I have no answers but I haven’t lost hope…somewhere I still believe that all this is going to end. I don’t know how…dont know when but yea this massacre has to end.
I am out of words
Take care n be safe
Pakistan Paindabad

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In search of Better....

Never leave someone good to find someone better because once you realize you had the best, the best has found better

Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling all Pakistanis

This is a shout out to all the Pakistanis out there. Gather around on 13th August 2011 for Guinness world record of
Location (Karachi) : DA Zamzama Club, Stadium Lane-3, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer Phase-V Khadda Market, Near Saudi Embassy Karachi, Pakistan
Timings: 10:00PM - 2:00AM

Location (Lahore) : Liberty Chowk, Lahore
Timings: 8:00PM - 11:30PM

Register yourself at :

People Interested in doing the event in their own cities can do so. The organizers can work out a video link so all the cities are connected through video link. You are most welcome to organize the event in your respective cities, so we can sing it together from multiple locations.

Contact organizers:

Abid Beli: +92.321.9204942

Waqas Pai: +92.321.2437186

Osama Pai: +92.334.3541411

For further details visit:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I lived… receive more awards

It’s been raining awards this Ramadan for me and yup I am gonna take this opportunity to share this beautiful pic I found *all hails to google*.  Have a Happy and Blessed Ramadan.

I know that by now you all are tired of my awards blog posts and yup I cant imagine you nodding….like what’s up with this girl???? I can take it anymore!!!!!   *stab* oh okay probably you aren’t feeling this bad but I don’t know…. just can’t stop myself from thanking and dedicating a blog post to the sweetie pies who have awarded me. I know I should have waited for all the awards to come (as in I was sureeeeeeee they are gonna come) but I am just a lil bit tooooooooo hasty.

Thank you Shama
Thank you Areeba

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Almost *died with happiness*


yea got 3 now. I am definitely gonna display my awards of glory on my blog real soon so that If I stop getting anymore…I won’t die with despair that I have none
This time is by the very talented blogger who calls herself Beyond Timid and owns an awesome blog

She is a cool photographer as well and has the ability to catch the essence of the picture plus a great writer too. Her blog is soooo awesome and is definitely one you want to follow.

Thx guys for making this Ramadan the awesomest one!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two in a row.....ufff *dies with happiness*

OMG!!!! Two awards in a row….*Heart attack on the way* This time it’s by our very own Cogitated Kuri.

“She is a real sweetheart”

Thx for your appreciation

Just as her name suggests she is a real deep thinker. Many of her posts actually made me think that…gosh she is damn right…on the spot!!!

Probably the best thing about her is that she feels like an old friend. Terse and a blunt can't help but think that she enjoys it. Always been intriguing to me with her fabulous taste in music cuz of the musicians she featured in her blogs….all were fab ones.

All in all, she has a great blog, great sense of humor and fantastic style!

If u haven’t been to her blog….man what were u been doing???? Check her out

Ambitious August borns

Guess who's got the Interesting Blog Award

Today I am thanking the very fabulous Teenage mutant of the blogger world Hamza for awarding me with 

“Nice people have nicer Blogs. There are no two opinions about that. Go and see what makes her blog "Interesting" ’’
Thank you for your kind words

So Ya'll head on over and check out his amazing blog
I am BEYOND excited because I got a Blog Award!!!! Apparently my first blog award. At first I was scared no one would read me but who knew that one day I will be receiving an Oscar (blogger award) ….a dream come true!!!

What can I say….I am thrilled, excited, happy, on cloud 12th(if there is one) blah blah blah…I know this is all too clichéd but that’s how I am feeling right now…flabbergasted J

Should have posted about it a lil sooner but was back being a book-worm and wasn’t finding time to even sign-in on blogger…*sob*…..yea my life is v v close to being hell ahhh but never mind I am used to it J

Hamza just wanted to tell you that my family (especially my mom and sis) are a fan of your blogs…yea sounds strange but parents do read blogs!!! Although mom aint net savvy at allll but still read your blogs or I keep on telling her about your totally awesome posts. My lil sis aint into blogging but she does know that Hamza-the-supercool blogger exists!!!!J so u surely are a house-hold name at my place J

Now here comes the difficult part for me…..In keeping with the rules of this award, I must bestow this honor on only 10 other deserving sweet, awesome, tremendous bloggers.

I LOVE all my Bloggers buddies and it was hard to pick just 10. So I hereby announce that I am unable to pick only 10!!! I love all you guys soooooooooo much cuz each and every one of you have appreciated me, comforted me when I am sad, laughed in my joys and encouraged me to keep on blogging…these aren’t just words trust me I Love You All
So as per breaking the rules I am passing on this award to all my blogger buddies. Sorry Hamza but I know that u understand the value of each n ever blogger friend that we have….they are all precious. Call me indecisive but that’s the way I am…just can’t go against my nature J

Thx again for giving me the opportunity to pass on this award

Keep rocking the blogger world

Forever n ever n ever…..